Aanya Just out of reach, Like the furthest waves at the beach. Just too far away, Like the wind making trees sway. Just say goodbye, To touching the sky. Can’t

Go outside, Spring is here,Birds are chirping, they are near. Fresh air is what I taste,I see chipmunks in a chase. Pick up a rock, climb a tree,You might get

Looking out my window at night, Watching the owls take eager flight. The sky is spotted with bright, twinkling stars, The ground is black, covered in tar. Hearing the chirp

Incan Empire   What is left of the Incan Empire is truly a sight, They eat guinea pigs do want a bite?  The Andes in South America is home sweet home 

With all this panic in our lives,the people don’t realize,Spring now lies.Everyone is cooped up in their houses,like little tiny black and white mouses. As the flowers now bloom,the people

Spring is warm and makes flowers grow Spring is sunny and makes colors show Spring blooms with flowers and shines bright Spring bursts with color and is lit with sunlight 

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