It was one week away from Mia’s sweet sixteen party! She was so excited. “Jeniffer, huh! Wait up for me,” Mia pants. “Are you excited for my sweet sixteen party,”

Germany and the Holy Roman EmpireRuled 1152-1190  Lived 1122-1190       Historical Fiction   Fredrick Barborassa, Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire, and his army started their journey to Jerusalem on March

“Mom!” I shouted, throwing clothes behind my shoulder and on my bed.  “Where’s my skirt?”  It was early July and we’re going to Disney World in Florida. We’re going there

Incan Empire   What is left of the Incan Empire is truly a sight, They eat guinea pigs do want a bite?  The Andes in South America is home sweet home 

If we go back in history, we would see that people have tended to favor male sports. It doesn’t have to be this way. Most people don’t watch the WNBA,

With all this panic in our lives,the people don’t realize,Spring now lies.Everyone is cooped up in their houses,like little tiny black and white mouses. As the flowers now bloom,the people

Spring is warm and makes flowers grow Spring is sunny and makes colors show Spring blooms with flowers and shines bright Spring bursts with color and is lit with sunlight 

Meg was tall, with long brown hair and narrow green eyes and a bored expression. Today, though, her expression did not look so bored.  Shock was etched onto every tendril