Looking out my window at night, Watching the owls take eager flight. The sky is spotted with bright, twinkling stars, The ground is black, covered in tar. Hearing the chirp

The Sallows were in their car headed to Cape Cod for a family reunion. “How much longer,” whined Liam. He was the youngest of the two siblings. “The more you

    A bee has an interesting life cycle. They start out as an egg which is smaller than a grain of rice and is in a beehive cell.  The egg

Throughout time, history has shown us that women did not always have the same rights as men. You can go even further back than the 1600s, and you will still

This book review is about Dragon Ops by Mari Mancusi. The main characters are Derek, Lilli, and Ian – three middle schoolers. The setting is in a theme park based

“Have a nice day Aislin!” called her mom. “You too, mom!” responded Aislin. She jogged up the steps of her school. First day of school! So exciting! Now, where’s 203.

If you look outside right now you’ll see, probably some houses and a couple of trees. Right now, we’re going to zoom in on the trees; the trees and the

Interview With Neal J. Neal J. is my uncle. He lives in Chicago. He works for a restaurant company. I decided to interview him to get a look at what

I seriously can’t believe that I’m stuck in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic. It’s another day in life surrounded by the coronavirus. It’s literally EVERYWHERE. One of our school