This book review is about Dragon Ops by Mari Mancusi. The main characters are Derek, Lilli, and Ian – three middle schoolers. The setting is in a theme park based on virtual reality and is called Dragon Ops, hence the name of the book. 

During spring break, Derek, Lilli, and Ian visit the new theme park before it opens to the public.  The game has four dragons each possessing a stone of an element: Lord Kaito (water), Wyrm (earth), Lord D’ou (ice), and Atreus (fire). The goal of the game is to defeat Atreus, the dragon beholding fire. When they arrive, it seems normal. But their luck starts to disappear when they get stuck in the virtual reality game when their tour guide, Eugene, abandons them. If you want to know what happens next, read this amazing book to find out!

    This book is similar to the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series. It’s good for middle grade readers that like action and fantasy books. This book will be available for sale on May 12, 2020.