by Cooper

Breaking news! An alien attack has been launched on the Boston area! The witness, Bob Jeffrey Joe, says “we Should have known this would happen.!”

“First a collapsing climate, then the government not functioning properly, THEN social distancing because of a large virus, and yes, an Alien invasion is next.” We asked, what was it like, seeing weird Creatures attacking and our home? “They were abducting cows Left and right,” he said, looking up into the sky majestically. “Only the cows were flower pots.”

We are still not sure what he meant by that, and we might not ever know. He got abducted by these creatures the next day, and then the aliens painted a cow face with its tongue sticking out on our helicopter. The police are still studying the alien attack and the abduction. So far, they’ve gathered DNA samples from fingerprints on the ships that belong to them, and have gathered that they are somehow cats. None of the detectives and scientists know why this is, because we didn’t know aliens were also cats. We have no idea why any of these events are possible, and are still trying to connect the dots. This is no kid’s connect the dots puzzle. There will be more on this for you next time on fiction news in the Belmont times.