I seriously can’t believe that I’m stuck in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic. It’s another day in life surrounded by the coronavirus. It’s literally EVERYWHERE. One of our school teachers might even have it! I’m not that worried, considering I’m a kid. Younger people like me only have mild symptoms, like the flu, which I’ve had before. So my body knows how to deal with it. But I could be a carrier. I might accidentally give it to someone else, whose immune system is weak. Otherwise, I’m fine. But everyone else? The people around me are going CRAZY. There are basically MOBS all over the place. Especially in places like grocery stores. For some reason, people think that they have to buy everything that they can, because they think that they won’t be able to go shopping again. Every grocery store is empty. There’s nothing left in the aisles. 

One time, when we were at BJ’s (to pick up my contacts), we were looking around, and we saw that the line extended all the way to the back of the store! Everyone had their carts filled to the top with completely random things, like ten pounds of sugar, TWO HUNDRED pounds of flour, toothpaste, soap, vinegar, clorox wipes, and TONS of toilet paper! Like seriously, what are people going to do with that much TOILET PAPER? The shoppers at BJ’s probably didn’t even need half of the stuff in their carts. Shops don’t even have any medical face masks left for all the doctors and other people working to solve this problem.  

Another thing that the coronavirus has done is shut down my school for seven weeks. It used to be only two, then three, but our governor Charlie Baker made it longer. My dad’s work even got closed for almost two months! I was excited at first, because I had no school for three whole weeks! But then they closed all the playgrounds! Our president, Donald Trump, didn’t even do anything until the last minute. And even then, this is what he did. The limit of people in a gathering used to be twenty-five, but then Trump made it only ten. He also signed a proclamation saying that if you’ve traveled to anywhere in the Schengen Area, you can’t come back, unless you are a US citizen.

Now I can’t even work on my STEM fair project with Brianna, because of social distancing. Now she has to give me her Raspberry Pi and the webcam so I can finish the doorbell. I just hope that the fair doesn’t get canceled. All my music concerts already did, and it would be horrible to have our project be for nothing. The fair is in May, so I hope this whole coronavirus craze will be over by then. 

On January 30th, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the coronavirus “a health emergency of international concern.” Now you can see how much this sickness has spread. Over two thousand people have the coronavirus in Massachusetts, as of March 27. What’s even scarier is that the death toll has risen to eleven people here.

 They have closed off Boston almost completely. They’ve shut down restaurants, bars, pubs, and lots of tourist places and attractions. Everyone’s afraid that we will have to go into quarantine, which I guess explains everyone going crazy. It’s ridiculous that the tiniest microorganism is completely taking over one of the smartest and most evolved species on Earth. What will happen next? 


  • Ever heard of the quote “United we stand, divided we fall”? Well here’s something funny! Now it’s “United we fall, divided we stand” because of the coronavirus. If we stay close together, we risk getting it. If we stay away from each other, we have a better chance of making it through. 
  • I bet that some of you guys don’t know what this virus looks like, or why it’s even called the coronavirus. Here’s why: “corona” means crown in Latin. Under a microscope, the virus looks sort of crown shaped. So, people named the virus the “coronavirus” because of its crown shape. 

Here’s a picture of what the virus might look like under a microscope:

In the picture, you can see that the virus looks sort of crown shaped. 

Now here’s my version of the Coronavirus:

Funny, right? Make one yourself!