Do you like monkeys? I do, and my favorite kind is the howler monkey, which I saw in Costa Rica. It’s my favorite because I like their sound (if you’ve never heard one, they sound like a trombone crossed with a lawnmower).

Howler Monkeys live in Central America, parts of Mexico, and South America. They eat flowers, leaves, buds, nuts, berries and other wild fruit. They also eat small bugs and birds’ eggs.

Howlers’ predators are some eagles, like golden eagles, harpy eagles, and bald eagles, and jaguars. A way howler monkeys defend themselves is howling. This makes them sound big and fierce!! It also helps that they live in troops of 6-15 monkeys.

The main danger to howler monkeys is humans, because they destroy their habitat by cutting down trees to build houses and to harvest crops. Humans also hunt them and capture them for pets.

Humans could help howlers by cutting down fewer trees and stop capturing them as pets!!! Grrrr. People also have to put in more research so they understand what howler monkeys need to survive.

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