“Ow!” I screamed. I just ate an apple and my tooth fell out! Just yesterday I was having a really good time with my mom and dad. Let me explain what I mean. In the park near our cottage, dad was walking on a log with me on his head and my mom holding my hand! We made it all the way to the end without me falling off! Then we did rock climbing and other fun stuff like that. It was the end of the day when we got home. When I was sleeping at midnight, I was dreaming that a monster was in my mouth only moving when I moved my tongue but I woke up and it was actually happening! I ran into my parent’s bedroom and woke them up. “There’s a monster in my mouth! And it only moves when I move my tongue!” I said to my mom. 

She looked in my mouth and said “Isabel, it’s just a loose tooth there’s nothing to worry about.” My mom is a dentist so she knows a lot about loose teeth.

“A LOOSE TOOTH!” I started to panic. Tomorrow is the first day of 4th grade! What if my tooth comes out then! I’ll be humiliated! 

“Isabel, everything will be fine but if your tooth falls out, I won’t be able to take care of you. You’re gonna have to go to my place but be taken care of by a different dentist.” 

“WHAT!” I shrieked. “I HATE the dentists office!” Seriously, I hate the dentists office because they kind of take out your skull. Ugh! Even thinking of the dentist’s office gives me the jitters!

“The dentist will take good care of you, you’ll be fine.” I ran as fast as I could into my bedroom and locked the door. I sighed and took a deep breath. Then I got in bed and closed my eyes. I dreamt of going to the dentist’s office and how horrible it would be. 

I fell asleep until my alarm rang at 7:00am. I yawned loudly and got up to stop my alarm. Then I got ready and went downstairs. There was a really good smell and when I went in the kitchen to see what it was, I saw that it was my favorite: Berry Leaves! I was so happy I could jump up in the air and hug my parents to say thank you! I hugged my parents. I got up and got my bag ready and then started eating. Everyone was silent. A couple of minutes later, I got up, put my jacket on, and got my bag.

“Mom, are you coming or not?”

“I’m coming!” Said mom getting her keys. I smiled and kissed dad on the cheek and said “Bye dad.”

“Bye sweetie! Have a nice first day!”

Then I closed the door and got in the car. Mom was already in the car sitting and waiting for me. I got in and we were off to my school called: Little Hive School. I was so excited! We sat in silence. Then we reached there. I opened my belt, kissed my mom and she said “Your dad is picking you up so i’ll see you at home.”

“Okay, see you at home! Bye!” I gave her an air kiss and watched her car roll away. Then I turned around, took a deep breath and opened the door to the school.

There were animals everywhere from all grades. I walked inside and found a sign. It said:

‘Welcome back to school! I am really excited to see you! Please sit down at the left if you are in Ms.Graham’s class, at the right if you are in Ms.Claire’s class, but if you are in Mr.Eric’s class then sit at the tables that are ahead! I’ll see you soon! – Your principal, Ms.Jones.’ 

I took my bag off of my shoulders and opened it to find my list that states the teacher’s name and classmate’s names. I looked at it and it said ‘You are in Ms.Claire’s class! Congratulations!’ I looked at the sign again, then went to the tables at the right. I sat down and looked around. There were all kinds of animals there: there were dolphins with bubbles around them, squirrels, rabbits, ants, tigers, cheetahs, and many more. I put my arms on the table and buried my face in it. I used my tongue to wiggle the tooth but tried not to wiggle it so much that it would fall out right there. 

I took my face out of my arms and looked up. More animals came! I was so nervous. In front of me I saw another bear that was looking past me. I turned around to see what she was looking at. I saw that there were some boys over there but then I saw something else. There was an animal very small in black sneaking behind the boys and backstage. He disappeared and I turned back and the bear in front of me also turned and stared at me. 

She said “Did you see that small animal sneaking backstage?”

“Yeah I did!” I said with wide eyes.

“Oh my god! Could it be a thief?!”

“It could but it would have to pass everybody. But it’s possible! Let’s investigate, Detective uuh…”

“My name’s Ruby.”

“Ruby!” I finished. “My name’s Isabel! Nice to meet you!”

She smiled. “You too.” Ding! Dong! 

I got up and walked with everybody up the stairs. It got really pushy and crowded but I managed to not fall. When we reached the top, I moaned “My legs aren’t able to move any more!” I was limping so it took a while until I reached the doors. Then I looked for the name of the teacher around the door of each classroom. The first was Mr. Eric’s room, the second was Ms.Claire’s room and the third was Ms.Graham’s room. I looked for my hook to put my bag. I found it near Ms.Graham’s classroom. On the right of my hook was Peter. And on the left was Hilary. I put my bag on my hook and went into the classroom. 

I walked inside and stood there looking around the room in awe. The room looked SO cool! There were bean bags, a library, pillows, a smartboard, a whiteboard, and many other things! But most of all, it was clean, absolutely clean. There were 3 tables and 6 desks were at each table. Then, I went and looked at each desk’s name tag to see which was mine. I found it near the teacher’s desk. I was in the middle. On the left of me was Hilary, on the right was Ruby, in front of me was Carter, in front of Ruby was Angelina, and in front of Hilary was Ron. 

I looked around and saw that everybody was sitting at their desks and talking. I turned to Ruby so we could talk but she was talking to Angelina, so I turned to Hilary and said “Hi. I’m Isabel.” “Hello! My name is Hilary!” She said in a nice calming and cheering tone. We shook hands and she asked me “Did you go anywhere fun for the summer?” “Yeah! I went to the Grand Canyon!” I answered smiling. “Hey! I went there too!” “Really?!?” I asked, surprised. She nodded her head. 

Just then someone tapped me on the back and I turned around. It was Ruby. “Perfect! I want to introduce you guys to each other!” I said before Ruby could say anything. “Ruby, this is Hilary.”

“Hi!” Hilary said, waving.

“And Hilary, this is Ruby!” Ruby smiled, waving. “I want to introduce you guys, too. Isabel and Hilary, this is Angelina.”

“Hi!” Angelina said, quietly.

“And Angelina, this is Isabel and Hilary!”

“Hello!” We said in unison. We all started talking. Wow! This morning is going way better than I thought! I already have 3 friends! I thought, smiling happily. 

“Hello class, my name is Ms.Claire and I am your teacher this year! I see that you’ve already met everybody at your table but I want to give 5 more minutes to talk and then I’ll do the attendance.” Our whole table just stared at each other. “Um, I’ll start. My name is Isabel and I’m a bear.” I said proudly.

“My name is Ruby and I’m also a bear.” Ruby said.

“My name is Angelina and I’m a tiger.” Angelina said, quietly.

“My name is Carter and I’m a cheetah.” Carter said, smiling.

“My name is Ron and I’m a crab.” Ron said sheepishly.

Hilary took a deep breath and said cheerfully “My name is Hilary and I am also a tiger!” 

“All right! Let’s do the attendance!” Ms.Claire said. After she was done, she sent someone to deliver it. “All right! It’s time for math! I’ll give you this to see how much you know. You can spread out, but before that you need to choose one thing that will be yours for the whole year. When I call your table go get something. If you aren’t called then do this. Angelina’s table!” I got up and got a bean bag chair. Then she called the next table, then the last. I sat in my chair and put the bean bag under it. Then I worked on the sheet. It had problems like 5+346 or 123-6 or even some 1×1! 

I finished and went to Ms.Claire’s table and said “I’m done. What do I do now?”

“You can read.” She answered. Then 5 minutes later, Ms.Claire collected all of them and said “Time for snack!” I went out in the hall for my snack, then came back inside and ate. I talked to Ruby, Hilary, and Angelina. Then 15 minutes later, Ms.Claire announced “Pack up! It’s time for writing! You can write whatever you want. You’ll see a paper when you come back. Write on that! When you’re done leave it on your desk and read.” I put my snack in my bag and took out my bean bag chair. I sat on the bean bag chair with my paper. I thought and thought and thought about what I should write about, but I didn’t know what. 

So I got up and went to Ms.Claire’s desk. “Ms.Claire, I can’t think about what to write. I need some help.”

“Okay, just think of something you really like. Does that help?”

“I think so.” I said walking away. I went to Ruby and said “Ruby, I need some advice on what to write about. Can you help me?”

“Maybe you can write about friendship?”

“Okay! Thank you! You’re the best!” I smiled. 

I sat back down and started writing. Then 5 minutes later, I finished. I went to my desk and put the sheet there. I got out a book and started reading. The next subject was reading. Next was recess. All 4 of us investigated a little and then played an adventure game. During lunch, I forgot about my tooth. I had an apple and some Berry Leaves! Yum! I was biting into my apple when… 

“Wait no! Don’t eat that apple! Save it for the end of the day!” Shouted Angelina making me freeze. I put it in my lunch box and ate my Berry Leaves. When lunch was done, we had music. 

Then it was the end of the day, so Ms.Claire made an announcement. “Since this is the first day of school, there is no homework this week!” I frowned. I LOVE homework! Then everyone piled out and I got my bag and walked outside with the rest of the class. 

I waved bye to Ms.Claire when I saw my dad. We both walked to the car and I took out my apple. I started to eat it when… “No! Don’t eat that!”

“Why.” I said taking a bite. “OOOWW! Dad! I think my tooth fell out! Go to the dentist!”

“Are you sure?” He asked.


In 2 minutes we reached there. I was really scared but my tooth was hurting so much! We ran inside and my dad asked the office for an immediate appointment. A dentist came in and said “Come on in! How much does it hurt on a scale of 1-10?” She asked speed walking to the door in front of us.

“7!” I made out.

We rushed inside and she closed the door. “Rinse your mouth in this sink.” I rinsed it and saw that red stuff was coming out. I started to panic but I kept rinsing my mouth hoping that it would go away. 

“Don’t worry! That is nothing you need to worry about.” I calmed down and looked at it. Regular water was coming out so I stopped. I wiped my mouth and smiled at the dentist. She was putting my tooth in a necklace with a tooth box. “Here you go. Have a nice day!” “Thank you!” She smiled. I smiled back and skipped off. My mom was there! “Mom!” I said hugging her. 

“Hi. How was the dentist’s office?”

“It was good but now I’m not afraid of this place anymore.” I smiled, showing the spot where the tooth used to be. She smiled.

“What’s your fear now?”

I saw a spider on the wall. “Spider!” I cried hiding behind my mom nervously. Everybody just laughed.