A bee has an interesting life cycle. They start out as an egg which is smaller than a grain of rice and is in a beehive cell.  The egg hatches after about three days.

 Once it hatches it turns into a larva. Larvas still in the cell feed off of royal jelly. This is a substance made by the worker bees, and fed to the queen bees and the larvas. After a few days of that they eat something else called bee bread. It’s not bread, however, it’s a mixture of pollen and nectar.  During this time, near the end, the worker bees put a cap of wax on the cell.

 Once this is on, the bee is a pupa, that means it’s turning into an adult bee. The pupa is getting legs, eyes, and wings, it also gets little hairs all over itself.

 When this is done, the bee makes its way out of the cell. Now it is an adult bee and is either a worker bee or a drone. A worker bee is a female bee that cannot have eggs. The worker bees also do all the work in the hive, and the drones only mate with the queen.

  The queens have two main jobs. The first is to lay a lot of eggs, the second is to make a chemical sent to control the unity of her colony. She is the only bee that can produce eggs and has what are basically servants tending to her every need. The queen bee must fight to become one. This is the life of a bee.