It was one week away from Mia’s sweet sixteen party! She was so excited. “Jeniffer, huh! Wait up for me,” Mia pants. “Are you excited for my sweet sixteen party,” she asks. “Yes I am. But you have to relax. Your party isn’t going to speed up unless you forget about it. You know a lot of work has to be done,” Jeniffer responds. The air smells like pies and pumpkins as a breeze blows by. It gives the girls a chill. The girls part ways and go back home. Mia’s sister Jill sticks her tongue out as Mia passes by. Jill is not happy about Mia’s party, she’ll have to do most of the work. But there was a problem. All of the balloons were out of the stores. Some other big party was happening. Jill would be in so much trouble.   

Finally it was the day of the party and they still didn’t have any balloons. But Mia didn’t know this. “What are you waiting for my friends are going to come soon. We have to get ready,” Mia says. Jill was already out of the house. The party was going to be in the city and she would have to get balloons and set everything up. Her cheeks turned pink as a breeze took her hat up into the sky. “Hey,” Jill shouted. She tried jumping up but it was too high up. She ran into the shop. And to her surprise there were so many balloons! It was like a herd of wild boar. She bought all of them and went into the city. She had to walk and hold them. They were so cumbersome, they were tangling with each other and were going all over the place,you could only see her legs. 

Another breeze swept past her and all the balloons flew up into the sky along with Jill. She held     on tightly and swayed in the direction she needed to go in. It took so long to get there, the sky was turning dark  and you could see so many stars. This didn’t happen often. She was terrified. But also excited. She could be the first person to ever do this. This was the moment that was in fantasies that she had read. She was so high she could see the top of the fifty story building that she always passed by. She was cold. And because her hat wasn’t on her she was freezing to death.  She shivered in the moment. Suddenly, a big breeze blew her in all kinds of directions. She lost her way. She tried calling for help but nobody was in the street. She probably missed the whole party. All that work for nothing, she thought.  She started to hear some giggling. She smelled food being made. She swayed in that direction. She found her way! Finally she got there and saw the fireworks had started. Slowly Jill let go of the balloons and came down. “Who wants some cake,” Jennifer asks. They went inside and ate cake. “Mia, why did your birthday have to be in fall,” Jill asks. She goes over to the heater. After that they have a dance party. Then they played games. “I still have one balloon left,” Jill said at the end of the party. Jill didn’t get a birthday gift for Mia, but she gave her the balloon to remember this day.