The Buffalo Bills are going to be 10-6. I think that the Bills are underrated and are only going to get better with Stefon Diggs. I think Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs will work nicely for the Bills. The Bills definitely have a better chance to win the division with Tom Brady on the Bucs. The Bills should be a playoff team. 

The Miami Dolphins are going to be interesting. The Dolphins had a run going at the end of last season, and they won in Week 17 against the Patriots to give the Chiefs a 1st round bye. They didn’t really change anything with their team yet, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good QB now. In the draft, they are probably going to need a RB, since Kenyan Drake went to the Cardinals. I think that their record is going to be 8-8, so they are a solid team, not yet in the playoffs, but maybe with another good addition they could be. Don’t sleep on the Dolphins. 

The New England Patriots are going to be a team a lot of people are watching. Are they still good? No, I don’t think Stidham is going to be good enough. They are probably going to get Cam Newton because Belichick wants a fun QB. Julian Edelman is still there, but he is going to leave soon since Tom Brady is not there anymore. Who knows, he might join the Bucs. I think their record is going to be 9-7. 

The New York Jets are a bad team. They need a better QB! Sam Darnold is just bad, and WR Robby Anderson is now on the Panthers. Le’Veon Bell is not nearly as good as he was in his Pittsburgh days, I think he is overated. Their defense is sort of good though. They have Jamal Adams, CJ Mosley, and a good Defensive Line. With a better offense, this team could be good! But for now, I think they will have a 5-11 record. Not good. 

The Baltimore Ravens are still really good! They didn’t really lose anyone, and they have Lamar Jackson. I think they need to protect Lamar more. Otherwise I think he is going to get an injury that is going to ruin his career, one of these games. But the rushing attack of Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram is nasty. The one thing that is a problem… Lamar can’t win in the playoffs. The Ravens lost to the Chargers, and then a year later to the Titans. They need to step it up! Anyway, I bet they will have a 12-4 record, and Lamar is going to have a great year. I think they need to get Hollywood Brown more involved, like Week 1 against the Dolphins last year (well, the Dolphins were bad last year).

The Cincinnati Bengals are not too good. Andy Dalton is a OK QB, and they have AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, but honestly, who else do they have? I guess they have Joe Mixon; he’s fine, but who else? Their defense is bad, and those players I listed can’t carry the team. They definitely need some defensive players in the draft, and maybe a QB, because Dalton might leave. I predict that their record is going to be 4-12. I wanted to see John Ross keep it going last year. He started off the season great. But then he just dropped and never had the breakout season he could have had.

The Cleveland Browns are not it. Baker Mayfield is going to have a bad year, Nick Chubb will be good, but OBJ won’t really do much. Jarvis Landry is good, so is David Njoku, and they have Myles Garett, Denzel Ward … honestly this team should be really good. But looking at last year, it’s just not going to happen. I think that their record is going to be 6-10, another bad year. I would love to see the Browns do well, but not this year, they need some good draft picks, and they might want to trade Baker. I don’t think he will be good anymore.

The Pittsburgh Steelers might make the playoffs!! With the new 7 seed rule, which means there are 7 seeds in each conference in the playoffs, I think the Steelers could be that 7 seed, after coming so close in the past few years. Big Ben is going to be a player to watch, and anyway they should get a QB in the draft, because Ben is getting old. They have James Conner at RB; he’s a good RB. Then they have Juju Smith-Schuster but no one else who is that good at WR. I guess James Washington could be underated and have a breakout season, but I don’t really think so. Minkah Fitzpatrick is a huge part of the Steelers defense. They need to keep him! They also have TJ Watt, who could be dangerous. I predict that their record is going to be 9-7; they are going to be a good team, finally!

The Houston Texans are still fine! They still have Deshaun Watson! And with a good draft, they could be good even without Hopkins. I think Bill O’Brien is going to leave soon, so they will also need a new GM. They still have Will Fuller and Kenny Stills. They need Will Fuller to stay healthy. And Darren Fells is at TE. Their defense includes JJ Watt, Whitney Mercilus, Bradley Roby, and some others. Their defense is good! This team should still make the playoffs; they might be in the battle for the 7 seed too. I think their record will be 9-7.

The Indianapolis Colts could be good. Jacoby Brissett is solid, they have Marlon Mack and TY Hilton, but they still lost Eric Ebron. They have Darius Leonard, and a good defensive line with Deforest Buckner joining it, and they also have Justin Houston. I think this team will be 8-8. In a couple of years though, they could be good. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars… I don’t know what to say. Gardner Minshew is good, they have Fournette, Chark… They lost some BIG pieces in the past year or two on their defense: Jalen Ramsey, and Calais Campbell. This team is only going to get worse. They haven’t even played without Campbell yet, and they are already trash. This team is going to need some work, and they need to take seriously the 6-10 record they are going to have.

The Tennessee Titans, finallly an interesting one. We all know Derrick Henry is a MONSTER! And they are keeping Tannehill. This team could be so good. Their record is going to be 11-5, good enough for the 3 seed. AJ Brown is still there; I think he is underated. And on their OL they have Taylor Lewan. On the defense, they have Jurrell Casey, Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan, Kevin Byard, honestly I could keep going. This team has a good defense. They need to play games where they just let Henry work. And they have Kern at punter. This team is NO LONGER the underdog. 

The Kansas City Chiefs, the former Super Bowl champions, are going to keep it going with a 13-3 record. Patrick Mahomes is going to have a year similiar to last year, maybe even with his injury. And Damian Williams: some call him overated, but you saw how many TDs he was getting in the playoffs. They have Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, and I think Sammy Watkins will stay. They have Travis Kelce, the best TE in the league. And their defense includes Tyrann Matthieu, who could be up for Defensive Player of the Year. They have Frank Clark and Chris Jones on the DL. And they have Harrison Butker at the kicker. They will be the #1 Seed. GO CHIEFS!

The Denver Broncos could be good; they are a sleeper. With Drew Lock playing the whole season, and Phillip Lindsay and Courtland Sutton, the offense could be good. Then they have Von Miller, the absolute MONSTER. (He still needs to step it up, as he’s been sort of quiet) This team is also in the run for the 7 seed. I think their record will be 9-7, yet another team with that record.

The LA Chargers NEED a QB. I don’t know who their starter will be with Rivers gone, but they definitely need one. They don’t have MG lll anymore, I guess they have Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, and Hunter Henry. They have Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram ll, Derwin James, so they have a good defense. I think they will have a 6-10 record; I’m sorry, they need a better team.

THE OAKLAND RAIDERS, the Oakland Raiders, THEY COULD make the playoffs. THEY COULD. Sorry, I’m getting excited for them, even though they are my least favorite team in the league, because I am a Chiefs fan, but they could finally do it. They have Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs… If they still had Antonio Brown, that would be nice, but they probably need a WR. Tyrell Williams isn’t going to do it. They have Darren Waller at TE. They don’t really have a good defense. But I feel like they COULD make the playoffs. I predict that their record will be… 9-7, you guessed it!

Those are my AFC predictions. Next time, I will do the NFC. And the time after, I will do the playoffs. Hope you enjoyed – go Chiefs!