Because of COVID-19, all of us are stuck at home–whether that’s fun for some people or mind-numbing for others. But we also don’t have access to other things– in my case, new books. I love books, and thankfully have enough. But some people might not have as many books, and we don’t have access to new ones since the public library AND bookstores are closed. Wait- there’s good news! The bookstore (Belmont Books) takes online orders! So I wrote this review so if you are book deprived and bored, you can find a really long series of reaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyy long books! 

What is the Keeper of the Lost Cities book series? Keeper of the Lost Cities is a great book series, about Sophie Foster, a child prodigy. At 12, she’s facing the not so normal problems of being a brilliant kid with a photographic memory and an even less normal ability to read minds. Over the series, Sophie finds her true home, friends, and basically saves the world. 

What makes it good? A lot of things make this book good– inside the story and out. For starters, the first book is the shortest, and it’s almost 500 pages! This is a great series for long nights or early mornings, or just reading for a while! It will take you a while, and we have nothing but time on our hands. Inside the books, there is a lot of suspense and humor (and romance). Some of the characters are heartfelt, and some are goofy. It really makes you want to keep reading through the entire book!

What type of books are they? The Keeper of the Lost Cities is part romance, part comedy, part gasp. There is literally no end to the suspense, drama and cliffhangers. But there are a lot of characters to hate or love, or just respect. Since they are so long, they pack all of it in– whether you like action, love or jokes. 

Who are the main characters? Without any spoilers, the main characters (first book) are Sophie, Fitz, Biana, Dex and Keefe. They each help Sophie figure out her place with their own talents: care, assistance, humor, power. As you read, you’ll make best friends out of all of them along with Sophie, and laugh and cry.

So, take advantage of the no-school, and read a good book. AKA, Keeper of the Lost Cities

Tip: Go to Belmont Books and order online. Find Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger.