Voting is an important thing for America. It helps decide who will make laws and decisions for the country. The people that are being voted for are called candidates. The candidates goals are to become president of our country. But only one can become president. The candidates give speeches on what they are going to do if they become president. People that vote choose 1 person that they think is going to do good things for the country if they become president, and then they vote for that person. Voting is a big responsibility for Americans because if somebody becomes president the decisions that they make will affect all Americans. That is why when people vote they have to think how well America will do with that person as president. 

I think kids should be able to vote because I think kids should also have a say in who makes rules for our country. A lot of people think that kids are not big enough to make good rules , but I think kids can, since kids always have reasons for a thought and they are kind. 

Another reason I think kids should be able to vote is that people listen to kids. If people listen to kids, then some of the rules that kids think are unfair, might change to fair rules. And kids will also be happy with the rules and laws. The kids live in America too, so it’s only fair if they can also decide how America runs. 

I also think that if kids vote, they will be proud of themselves for doing it because everyone’s vote counts and helps decide a very important thing. I think kids would be happy knowing that they got to do such an important job, and people love seeing kids happy. Next, I think kids should be able to vote because it would help them prepare for more big decisions they will have to make later when they are adults, and it is good to think ahead and be prepared.  

 The last reason why I think that kids should be able to vote is that kids are important, and important people always make important decisions.These are some of the reasons why I think that kids should be able to vote. 

Not everyone agrees with me this way and it is fine if you have another opinion. Maybe you will run for president one day too, and maybe you will change the laws so kids can vote too!