With all this panic in our lives,
the people don’t realize,
Spring now lies.
Everyone is cooped up in their houses,
like little tiny black and white mouses.

As the flowers now bloom,
the people are still in their room(s).
The panic is now hazy,
as people start to get more lazy.

Mommy Is busy with grocery,
Daddy with work and adversary.
Didi(Aanya) has lots to study for MCAS,
And I have to find ways to timepass.

We have now time to bake a cake,
Shovel, rollover in dirt or rake.
Lines in grocery stores have subsided,
People are listening to the governor and have now abided.

We play board games and build an obstacle course,
We spend time with people who we love the mos(t).
Mommy’s hugs and daddy’s kisses, 
Cover all the fighting and sibling bruises.

With no noise of cars zooming
We hear the birds chirping and 
See the flower and tree buds blooming.
Because there are no cars on the street,
The air is now nice and neat.

Everyday, we read a new book,
And have time to learn to cook.
We make some coasters and artsy posters,
As we play and say hooray like Roadsters.

Do some yoga and don’t hesitate to meditate.
Make some music,Shake your bum-bum 
Maybe chew some bubble -GUM!
Jam with the instruments you have learned so far
Create lots of Music and heal Corona or SARS.

Do WHAT-EVER your heart feels like,
Now Grow your feathers,
And fly up High,Way up into the Sky!
For now it’s Spring!
Its time to bloom, sing and dance
And live life with a Bling!