Now, where was I? Oh right! Last time we met, I left you on a cliffhanger.  Let me finish that sentence for you. I had forgotten what had happened, so I reached for one, popped it in my mouth and…nothing happened. I know that you were expecting a POP!, but it takes time. Later that night, after dinner, I was getting ready for bed. I had just gotten into my bed with my book, waiting for mom and dad to come say goodnight. 

A few minutes later, mom and dad came in, and I put my book away. They were just about to leave and turn the light off, when it happened again. POP! It felt like I was being sucked into a fan and my whole body was being twisted round and round and round and round. I recognized this feeling. I was turning into a gummy bear! Again! “No,no,no,no,no”! I said. “This cannot be happening again.!” And no, I was not thinking I should get help, or how will i change back!?  Instead, i was thinking, a) if i get hungry, then will i eat myself? b) can i break a bone or get bruised? c)do i even have bones? Then I finally came to my senses, and screamed. You can’t judge me. If you were a gummy bear, then you would do the same. 

Later, I found out that my screaming only sounded like a fly. No, even quieter than a fly. Then I looked down at myself. (And, yes, I was shocked as well to find out that I could bend my head down). Apparently, my nightwear had shrank with me, so i looked like the worlds most idiotic gummy bear. “Well,“ I said. “Let’s try to find mom and dad, they will know how to turn me back”! And with that, I set off, on my journey! I hopped out of bed, landed on the ground, and bounced upward again. “Weeeeeeeeee” I yelled. I bounced all the way into Joe and Jeffry’s room. This was going to be easy. I knew that because Joe has a bunch of these car tracks that go from one end of the room to the other. He also has a bunch of those Hot Wheels cars. I bumped a car onto the track, used a rubber band to tie myself to the car,-don’t ask how I did it with no arms, all that I can say is that it was a challenge – pushed the gate open and sped off. 

 Now, there are no words that can explain how I felt. Imagine that you’re on the highway, going 200mph. Now imagine that your car has no roof. For some of you, you might find this being the most fun thing ever, and for others you might find this the most terrifying thing ever. I found it fun. Sadly, it only took about 30 seconds. I just sat on the car for a second, before snapping back to reality. I untied myself, then bounced my way forth. When I stopped bouncing, I found myself in the dining room. Here I faced my next challenge. Cotton Ball the cat, and Cotton Candy the bunny. “It’s OK,” I said to myself. “Just jump over them, and you’ll be A-OK”. So, with that not very reassuring pep talk, I started to jump. That was a mistake. The next thing I knew, I was on Cotton Candy the bunny’s back. Then Cotton Candy hopped. It felt like I was riding a huge, out-of-control-bull. And I was the one riding, with no harness! I flew off Cotton Candy’s back and onto the top of the trash can in the kitchen.

 And, of course, right then Aunt Sugar had to open the trash can. Instead of landing on the dining table, like I planned to, I landed on the pan. Aunt Sugar had just put the oil on the pan. I could feel my butt starting to melt. I knew what Aunt Sugar was making. Her famous omelets. Aunt Sugar was just about to put the eggs on when she saw me. She screamed. Mom was by Aunt Sugars side in a second. She saw me. Instead of screaming, she picked me up, put me on the floor, got the remedy, and turned me back. Then she put her hands on her hips, and said, “I demand an explanation.” so that’s what she got. In the end I also added the fact that my nightwear had shrunk with me. “So it worked”! She exclaimed. After she saw the confused look on my face, she explained. “Me and your dad, we knew this would happen again. So, just in case, we made all of your clothes shrink-able.” “oh”. I replied. And then I went to bed and never ate gummy bears again.

That’s the end of this adventure! Thanks for reading!