I was about to melt. No joke. Now, I’m not quite sure you know what Ii’m talking about. So let me update you:

It all started when I was hungry. No surprise there! I was usually always hungry. I walked into the dinning room, in search of chocolate. Then I saw it. Even better than chocolate. (yes, there is something better than chocolate. Unbelievable, I know).Gummy bears!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! We barely ever got sweets like gummy bears. They were very rare in my house. (My aunt disagreed with sugar). I walked over to the table, and did a quick head turn all around to make sure that no one was watching me. In my house someone or something was always watching. I had 4 siblings, 3 bunnies, 2 cats, 2 parents, and 1 aunt. This was a rare moment. No one was watching. That was a relief.

Now I should tell you about my life. I’m the eldest of 5 kids. My name is Lilac Springs. My parents are scientists. But not your usual type. Mine are mad scientists. Now, they are not actually mad. (They are only mad when I forget that I have to babysit my siblings, or when I forget to feed the animals). Our aunt lives with us. We call her aunt sugar, just to tick her off. I’m 11. Next is Joe. He’s 8. Then comes Delia. She’s 5. After Delia, there’s Jeffry. He’s 4. Then last comes Maple at 1 years old.

My parents are always testing on random household items. No one ever knew what it would be. Right as i was about to reach for a gummy bear, Cotton Ball the cat, and Cotton Candy the bunny came in. I looked at them and put my finger to my lips. “Now be a good kitty and bunny”! I coaxed.

Instead of going away like they were supposed to, they both sat down right there. I sighed. “fine , you can stay.” I said defeated. “Just don’t make any sound.” I reached for the bag, got the color I wanted, and was about to eat, when mom and dad burst into the room. I quickly put the gummy bear in my mouth and turned to face them. They looked panicked.

“What’s wrong”? I asked.

“Look over there,” mom said, pointing to the cabinet in the room.

“Yes, it must be there! I know i left them somewhere in here”! Dad said.

“Will someone please tell me what is going on”? I asked, getting

“We lost a packet of gummy bears”, mom explained.

“Were they important”? I asked, scared.

“Yes, immensely. They were our new project. Whoever eats one will become a gummy bear”. She said getting more frantic.

“You mean this packet”? I asked sheepishly, picking up the packet from behind a vase.

“Oh thank goodness you found them” mom said.

“Hey mom, I may have eaten one.” I said.

Mom looked shocked. “You did wha-” !

Then it happened. “POP”! and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. “AAHHHHHHHHHHH”!!

“Very interesting,” said a humanoid voice. Then something huge scooped me up. I realized that it was moms hand. Then my ear got itchy and “POP”! “Oh my”, I heard mom say. “She’s become green”!

Then dad said “don’t worry, i have the serum right here”! Then mom put me back on the ground and dad put a drop of some liquid on me. “POP”! And I was myself again.

“I’m so sorry! I was so careless and hungry, that I didn’t bother to check for your symbol”! My parents had a symbol, one that they put on all their products. We were supposed to check everything before we ate\toughed\played with anything. I was expecting them to immediately start yelling at me, but instead they just laughed. “We needed to test them anyways,” mom said. I was just relieved that I wasn’t grounded.

Then a few weeks later, I came back from school and saw the packet of gummy bears. I had forgotten what had happened, so I reached for one, popped it in my mouth and…