Are you looking into a trip to DC when we can travel again? If so, here is a list of ten places ranked 1-10 you just have to see along with 3 restaurant recommendations. 

Starting off with number 10: The White House. The White House is an historic landmark and home to our president and his family. It is a site lots of tourists want to see. This family favorite is a great place to see though if you’re planning to visit I suggest going in  the colder months. The warmer months see longer lines plus I’m going to say it’s most likely that the tickets aren’t sticking around for long. To get a ticket you have to send a request to your congressperson who for Belmont is Katherine Clark.

On to number 9:  Ford’s Theater. This is the place where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. It is a very interactive and informational place. The staff members give talks every day and you can see the actual theater which has all been redone except for the booth where Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd, were seated. Across the street is the house where Lincoln died and with the tickets from Ford’s theater you get into the house for free.

Next up number 8: The Washington Monument. The Washington Monument is the only skyscraper in all of DC. It gives great views along with a view of the states of Maryland and Virginia and you can see the Pentagon from the top.  You will need to get tickets far in advance during the Spring and Summer.

Number 7: the Lincoln Monument.  Like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument honors one of our presidents. There is a great statue of president Abraham Lincoln that stands 19 feet tall and the text of his Gettysburg address is found on the wall. This is a great site to see because of the history that lays within its walls.

Number 6: the United States  Botanic Garden. These gardens are free to the public and are very warm and pleasant. These botanical gardens include an array of great flowers, including orchids, succulents, and lemon trees. It has many different climates with many different flowers and is a great place to go, especially if you want to warm up on a cool day.

Number 5: the Capitol Building. The Capitol has tours that happen every day showing the inner workings of the Capitol. This includes the tomb prepared for George Washington and the original United States Supreme Court. Absolutely a great tour to take even for kids.

Number 4: the Nightour. This is a 2 hour guided bus tour that happens at night going around different Washington DC sites that are brightly lit at night.  On the tour you can expect to see the Jefferson Monument, FDR Monument, WW II Memorial and many other federal buildings. It is informational and a great thing to experience — you even have a chance to get off the bus at the Lincoln Monument and also see the Korea and Vietnam War memorials.

Number 3: The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The Air and Space Museum -along with all the Smithsonian Museums is free- it is a great place for kids and free for all. It has great interactive exhibits such as a simulated airplane and details about the NASA space program.  There are also virtual reality rides and an IMAX theater — both require a different ticket. An outstanding place to take kids.

 Number 2: Mount Vernon. This is the home of George Washington. The staff here has great ways of interacting with kids along with an amazing tour of the home along with the tomb of George and Martha Washington. It also has a great replica of one of Washington’s farms.  You’ll find it along the Potomac River — in good weather you can take a boat ride there from DC.

Now last but not least number 1 The Spy Museum. This is a great interactive place for kids along with fun activities and great information.  Every visitor is assigned a spy identity that they use throughout the exhibits, including interactive exhibits where they work to complete their spy mission.  My mission was to find who were smuggling artifacts from a museum and using the money to fund a terrorist organization. It is truly a stunning place.

On to restaurants … If you are looking for something fancy may I suggest the Dabney.  It is a great place for an adults’ night out or it also works for a family supper. It has many items on the menu that can be served family style — we loved the flank steak with all its sides to share as a family. They have great service but it does get busy.  This is also a great place to be for dessert. They have a wide variety of desserts for everyone. The Dabney is an amazing place to eat. If you are looking for something casual the Unconventional Diner has your back with great meals both traditional and nontraditional.  I particularly loved the chicken pot pie bite size appetizers and the corn muffins. The Unconventional Diner has food for both kids and adults. Finally want some entertainment with dinner? Pinstripes in Georgetown is the place to be. It has bowling, bocce and food. The right place to go for an entertaining night. Now if you want breakfast in DC I suggest Lincoln’s Waffle Shop I haven’t personally been but it sounds like a nice place with good food and a 4 star review. Lincoln’s Waffle Shop’s menu includes pancakes, waffles and breakfast sandwiches. Hope you have fun in DC.