What do you think good luck means? Maybe you think it means winning a prize or doing something really well, but good luck has different meanings. To have good luck you need to work hard, have a goal, and be determined to reach your goal.


You have to work hard to achieve something or else not even luck can help you. If you go to a competition and don’t work hard, you won’t get a prize. But, when you spend hours practicing for that competition, you’ll be likely to win.


When you don’t have a goal, you won’t have something to work for. You won’t have motivation to work for something. Having a goal helps you focus on achieving something.


To have determination and perseverance you will not give up even when things seem impossible. When you try to do something, there are times when you might want to give up. 



But, if you don’t give up, you have a much better chance to achieve your goal:


Late last summer, I could get onto my bike while it moved. But, after not practicing during fall and winter, I can’t do it any more.


With these qualities, you will have lots of good luck.