Dear Readers,


Spring is finally here! Look out your window – do you see robins, bunnies, and blossoms? Hear the chirping of songbirds perched in the maple trees? As the new season arrives, we are happy to share the March edition of the Belmont Times with you. 


This month, we received many wonderful pieces of writing and a beautiful work of art from young creators around Belmont! As you may have noticed, we included a small shoutout to those who won honorable mentions in this month’s contest. Although there is no prize, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work and dedication. Every month, we can see your writing (or art) skills improving, and we’re so proud of all of you! We would like to give a big thank you to those who submitted pieces for the magazine.


A few notes to writers:

  • If you’d like to incorporate a picture into your work, please copy/paste it into your document or include a link to the picture. Sometimes, we add a picture next to your writing to help depict a scene, but it would be easier to see which photo (if any) you’d want to include if you let us know!
  • Sorry for any delays with the prize/photocard delivery! Unfortunately, shipping has been slow during the pandemic.
  • So far, there have only been a few people who submitted works of art. We just wanted to clarify that you can submit both artwork and writing (although there is no longer an art category in the contests). And, remember, art is not limited to tradition pencil-and-paper drawings; digital art, paintings, comic strips, clay sculptures, etc. are all welcome and encouraged!





Of course, we want to say thanks to our readers as well! Without your continuous support, this magazine would not be possible.


Lastly, you may have noticed that we added a new section to the magazine: Poet of the Month! From now on, we will try to include the work of a poet from around the world in each edition. Poetry is a beautiful and interesting form of writing; because there is a myriad of variations/styles, and therefore so much freedom, poetry really helps to exercise creativity. With this new addition to the magazine, we would like to showcase various cultures, writing styles, and views of the world through poems! If you have any nominations for Poet of the Month,  please contact us at We would like to hear about your favorite poems/poets. (If the poem is in a different language, we would appreciate it if you could send an accompanying translation!)


If you have any suggestions on how to improve the magazine, please feel free to email us (email address is in the previous paragraph).  In addition, it would be helpful to hear your feedback and opinions through this short survey: We’ve sent out this Google Form before, but we would appreciate it if more people filled it out. So, please do so if you haven’t already!


Thanks for reading; we hope you enjoyed the March 2021 issue of the Belmont Times!


Best wishes,

Belmont Youth Writers