There once was a boy who lived on the streets. Everyday, rich and poor people would pass by. The poor would give the boy a few pennies, while the rich act like he’s not there. One lovely spring morning, the boy was extremely hungry. A rich Australian couple walked by. The boy thought they would just ignore him like everyone else, but to his surprise, they dropped 10 dollars into the bucket. The boy glanced up at the walking couple.
“Thank you!” He shouted after them. So the boy sat on the sidewalk for a minute and thought to himself, ‘If I could fly away and into space, I would. If I had a box of gold to take, I would. But if I could choose to be poor and starving, I wouldn’t.’
As he watched the couple walk along the sidewalk ready to cross the street, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a car coming towards them! If it had been someone else, he wouldn’t have cared. He would have turned away and ignored the accident, the way most people ignored him.




But these people hadn’t ignored him. They’d given him money. He owed them something. They say that in life and death situations, everything is blurry, but he had never seen so clearly. The boy got up and ran as fast as his tiny legs could take him. He thought he wouldn’t reach there in time, but strength bursted through his limbs. He reached the couple and pulled them to the sidewalk just in time for the car to zoom by. The couple thanked the boy many times for saving their lives. They stared at him in his ragged clothes.
“Family?” The couple asked him. The boy shook his head and the couple started whispering to each other. The boy felt out of place, so he turned to leave, but the woman stopped him.
“We have no children.” the woman said. “We will adopt you.”
The boy’s world turned upside down. These people wanted to adopt him?? Did they really mean it?
“Really??” The couple nodded. He smiled. They smiled.

This was the day the boy’s luck turned around.