On a hill of patches of emerald green grass stood a rabbit and his friends. Zat, Nix, and Phelp were looking for four-leaf clovers.
“We’ve got five already!” exclaimed Nix.
“All thanks to this wish-granting hill!” Zat said happily.
“Definitely!” Phelp agreed.
The green hill they were standing on was a magical one; it granted two wishes to everybody who stood on it. Zat, Nix, and Phelp had all agreed on wishing for four-leaf clovers. They had signed up for a contest of finding the most four-leaf clovers, and
so had some other rabbits. Bending over to pick some more clovers, Zat noticed that there were a few rabbits gathering in the town square.
“Oh, no! Nix! Phelp! I think we’re to go to Town Square right now!” Zat called to his friends.
“Right. Okay, Nix and I just found seven more. Have you got any?” Phelp asked.
Zat nodded. “I found six. That adds up to…”
“Eighteen!” finished Nix. “Oh, wait! There’re a few more over there! I’ll be right back.” The rabbit hopped over to a patch of clovers, picking the four-leaved ones. “Hey! Come over here! There’s so many more!” Zat and Phelp followed to where Nix
“That sure is a lot!” exclaimed Phelp when he saw the patch of clovers. “We can pick some of them, but we’ve got to be fast.
Mayor Cottontail’s already setting up the stage!”
“We do have to be fast if we don’t want to miss the contest results,” agreed Zat. “We still have to present our clovers!” The
rabbits hurried to pick the four-leaf clovers, and a few minutes later, they were carrying armfulls of clovers down the hill.
“Next time, we should bring a basket,” Phelp said, squirming under a blanket of green plants. “But at least now we have
forty-seven clovers.”
“Definitely,” replied Nix. “Anyway, we need to hurry. The mayor’s about to give his opening speech!” The rabbits bounded down the slope and onto a pebbled road. Mayor Cottontail was just starting his speech.



“Phew!” whispered Nix. “I thought we’d never make it.”
“The hill’s just a little bit behind the town- we wouldn’t have been that late,” Phelp reminded him. Both rabbits were shushed when the mayor cleared his throat into his microphone. “Oh, there he goes again!” one of the rabbits in the crowd said quietly.
Mayor Cottontail was known for his long opening speeches. But this year’s speech was short, with a few words of credit and thanks to the participants of the contest. “And now, let us see
who has collected the most four-leaf clovers. Groups, please be reminded that you will have to share your prize.” the mayor
announced. Rabbits shifted in their positions, letting the contestants through. “Who will be first to tell us their clover numbers?” There was a chittering amongst the participating rabbits. Finally, a group with two rabbits was elected. “We have
twenty-three clovers!” they cried.
“Alright. Line up at the front of the stage. Who will be second to tell us?” One by one, the contestants were elected to tell
everybody their clover number. At last, Zat, Nix, and Phelps group was chosen. “We have forty-seven clovers!” the group
exclaimed. A murmur rose from the crowd. “Well, that’s one high number!” the mayor said. “Anyone left?”
All the participants shook their heads, and the results were announced. “This year, for the annual four-leaf clover contest,
first place goes to Mattch, with a total of forty-eight four-leaved clovers!” Zat, Nix, and Phelp clapped for their schoolmate.
“Second place goes to Phelp, Zat, and Nix, with a total of forty-seven clovers, and third place goes to Cracken, with a total
of thirty-four clovers!” The rabbits all hopped up and down, and shouts of “I can’t believe it!” “Yes!” and “We won!” filled the air.
Awards were handed out; for second place, Zat, Nix, and Phelp were rewarded with three carrot cakes, fifty-seven shamrock sugar cookies, and four pounds of chocolate coins. “We got second place!” Zat said as the three rabbits walked home.