If you asked me, the worst day of my life was certainly a week ago. It all started with an old lady and a sliver of a star. I was walking up the street nonchalantly, and there was a peculiar sign. It said, “for those who are in need of a little bit of luck, follow the star.” I looked around. Was anyone else seeing this? It didn’t look like it. But I wasn’t gonna turn down free luck. So I looked for a star. I found one at my feet, as if painted on the bricks. It didn’t go anywhere. “So much for luck.” And then it jumped. 


It hopped from brick to brick, and I followed it, weaving through peddlers and pedestrians, until finally I came to the docks. The star hovered over the sea. I hesitated, but finally I jumped. Instead of the cold sea, I landed on what seemed to be a floating shop, bobbing on the waves. An old lady walked up to me, and put a shining shard of something in my hand. Then everything shimmered, and I woke up on a street corner. 




Just a dream. So I walked to school. When I got there, the bus was already arriving, puffing foul smelling smoke. I expected it to blow in my face, as it always did, but a wind blew it away. I walked into school, and to my first period. Science. I hated science. But when I walked in, Mrs. P was gone, and instead was- well, no one. So for science I was free. The rest of school was the same.

During Drama, in tryouts I did perfectly, winning also the attention of TV producers. Suddenly I was part of a reality TV show. It was definitely not fun, every move controlled. Also, the complete lack of privacy was unsettling. So I tried to hurt myself to get out of it, falling onto the ground. But a pillow slipped under me at the last second. I tried again and again. Then I became rich in an instant, finding pure gold. Rich wasn’t fun, either. Believe me, it was terrible. So I searched my pockets for the sliver. When I found it, I threw it on the ground, and the pieces flew up. Suddenly everything disappeared. I had never been so happy to be normal. And that’s why that was the worst day of my life. Not that you asked.