It was October, 7 PM, and Halloween was only a few days away. A boy and his friends met up at a playground. Everyone wore freaky costumes, and the boy, leading the group, held a flashlight. They strolled over to the Haunted House nearby. Jack-o’-lanterns adorned its stairs, their eerie light shining toward the kids. Spiders, both real and fake, crawled about. Suddenly, a prolonged howl broke through the night. One of the boys shuddered and hid behind another.
“Relax. The wolf’s far away,” said one friend.
“A-are you sure?” another stammered.
“Come on. Let’s go. My parents said we have to be home by 9.” the boy in the front shouted as he ran toward the door. He beckoned to his friends and they all came over. Spiderwebs crawled everywhere on the door. As he pulled it open, a moaning sound echoed from inside. One kid squealed.
“Relax. And don’t be such a baby!” said the boy, who opened the door.
Suddenly, there was a huge wind that almost blew someone’s hat off, but she grabbed it just in time. They all walked into the house and found two staircases. The boy walked over to the one on the right. The rest followed. A screeching sound rang through their ears. A few of the boy’s friends screamed and ran out the door. Fright seemed to boil up in the air. As the remainder of the group ran up the stairs, an inky black figure flew by.
“Uh, guys, this just got a little creepy…” a boy whimpered.
“A little?” another snapped.
“It’s a haunted house!! It has to be creepy!” the boy in the front said.
The boys walked into the room and looked around. There were spiders, jack-o’-lanterns, skulls, wet orange slime dripping everywhere. There was a screech and a glass full of blood broke! Everyone ran out the door. The only one left was the boy who was leading everyone else.The door slammed shut and the boy screamed.
“This is creepy!!” A shiver ran through the boy’s spine. A booming cackle shook the floor.
“W-who’s t-there?” the boy stammered. An eerie voice roared, a slight echo whispering across the halls after it.
“It is I, Meredith!” The boy froze as he stared at the figure. She was floating and wore a black dress and hat. She was sitting on a broom and had wrinkly, green skin.
“OH, COME ON! Does no one EVER talk about me??” Meredith cried.
“Y-you’re a witch!”
“That I am. And I’ve brought Moaning Myrtle with me.” The boy raised an eyebrow.
“SHE’S A GHOST, YOU IMBECILE!” A shiver ran down the boy’s spine. He gulped back a scream, eyes wide as the moon.
“A-are you g-g-going to k-kill m-me?”
The boy yelped. Suddenly, he felt a squeeze on the shoulder. He looked down to see his legs dangling mid-air! He was floating!
“Nice job, Myrtle. Put him down now. He should be afraid by now.” The boy fell to the ground with a crash. His eyes closed as he was knocked unconscious.


The boy woke up on the cold, wooden floor in a different room. He got up and looked around. There were all sorts of creepy things. There was a Jack-o-lantern in the corner just staring at him, and slime, a skull, cobwebs everywhere. He ran towards the lone door and pulled the handle. It wouldn’t budge! Suddenly, a howl echoed nearby. Could it be a wolf? The boy was frightened out of his mind, so he sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall.
“How do I get out? What’s happening!?!?” he asked himself. Suddenly, the door swung open with a crash. No one was there.
“Myrtle!! Don’t kill me!” Fearing the worst, the boy shielded his face with his arms.
“I’m a ghost, and the dead can’t kill you.” Myrtle sighed.
“W-what?” Suddenly, the boy felt a tug. Myrtle pushed the boy toward the door. The boy looked over his shoulder.
“Let’s get you out of here,” said Myrtle, leading him out the door and into the hallway.
“Thank you.” the boy smiled at the ghost. He ran down the nearby stairs and towards yet another door. There was a swooshing sound. The boy stopped abruptly.
“W-who’s there?” he stammered.
“Little boy! How did you escape??” she shrieked. Silence.
“Uhh…” Suddenly, the witch thumped the ground and the boy pushed the door. As the door closed behind him, there was a howl.
“Oh no.” the boy muttered. A full moon always spelled danger. He ran in the direction of his house, but stopped a few times to gasp for air. Finally, he reached his doorstep. He ran into his home and shut the door behind him, panting while he tilted his head onto the locked door.
“I told you, you shouldn’t go. It’s too scary.” The boy turned to the voice behind him.
“AAAH!! VAMPIRE!” He screamed, eyes wide in fear, already leaping up the stairs. A minute later, three vampires followed him into his room. He could hear his heart beating hard and fast! He shut his eyes and squeezed himself tightly. They hovered over him and…
“AAAHHH!” The boy jerked up. He looked around and saw that he was in his room, his bed.
“What’s wrong?!?” The boy’s mother yelled as she rushed into his room.
Rubbing his eyes, the boy peered up at his mother’s concerned expression. “I guess it was just a nightmare.”