Sunshine by Adeline


The sky turned blue and the grass turned green,

The flowers are booming as the sun is smiling.

Streams full of water that can’t seem to stop,

It’s now sunshine spring that we won’t ever miss.

It’s time we start a new bright year.

Rise to they sky we can’t never stop,

It’s about time that we start a trip.

Maybe or not, we could fight through the dark,

But please it’s not too late to shine.

Heavenly flowers nonstop beautiful,

Life in spring can make your heart flowing.

Into the noon as the sun lows down,

Now it’s time to make things work,

The moon gets bright as I get things right.

Now get ready to rest heavenly peace,

Because it’s about to get dark in the spring,

And you know what that means….


It’s time we start a new sunshine day!



I Love Luck by Yueqi


I love luck wherever I go.

At swimming classes, and while playing Nintendo.

Hope gives me luck, and luck gives me hope.

Luck and hope give me joy, as I slide down a snowy slope.

Whatever, wherever I am or doing,

I try my best to get my good luck going.

Luck is precious, but do not take it for granted.

After so much practice, nice becomes perfect.

Appreciate the luck, and keep working hard!