R U Ready?

September 11, 2011

 By Reya

A few hours later…
”Uncle Jerry!” I called out to a man. I found my uncle, and we drove to his house in New York. It was 5:00pm, and I was tired from the train ride (as it had taken 5 hours) so we decided to have an early dinner, and sleep early, so we could wake up early, and go out to the city. Little did I know that the next day would indeed be a day that I would never forget, just not in the way that I had exp
ected. I was on the train to meet my favorite uncle Jerry. He lives in NYC. My name is Ashlyn, and I am 10 years old. Every year I go to New York by myself to visit my uncle.

The next morning, at 10:00am, I found myself up, and ready in Times Square. We shopped, and explored, and then we decided to go to the World Trade Center for lunch. I ordered and just as I was about to bite into my grilled chicken, I heard a deafening noise. A loud BANG! I looked around in bewilderment, to see if anyone else had heard the sound. Apparently they had, because people were turning their heads to every side, trying to figure out the source of the sound. Just then, a large shadow fell over the restaurant, I looked up in fear to see an airplane, flying incredibly low, so low it was scraping buildings as it passed by! My eyes widened, and so did Uncle Jerry’s. THE PLANE WAS GOING TO CRASH INTO THE TWIN TOWERS! My brain was all mushed up and my brain was panicking, I didn’t know what to do! My worst fears were confirmed as the plane crashed into the towers. CRASH! I could hear people screaming, their hands on their head, running for their life. I thought of the many workers in the towers, whose life could be at their end. As of now, the Twin Towers were falling, the 1,368 feet tall towers were crumbling down, and the top had caught fire! 

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A Snowy Day

By Rishika


It was a cold winter afternoon when my family and I were going out in the snow. My 15 year old brother took the snowboard and I rushed into the backyard. My parents followed me. My mom is a doctor and my dad works at a bank.  Then my brother sped to the backyard, but even with boots on, he fell on the huge snow mountain! 

“That’s why you don’t run in the snow, Nathan!” I laughed. 

“Ok, then how about we race down the hill?” He asked, climbing to the top of the hill to where I was. 

“No thanks, I just want to have fun.” I shook my head and took the snowboard from my brother’s hand. 

“Besides, we only have one snowboard.” I got in position to go down the gigantic slippery hill. Nathan smiled.

“We can just take a timer and whoever reaches the bottom in the least amount of time wins.” He smirked.

“No thanks.” I got my gloved hands ready to push off and go down the white hill. 

“Are you scared?” He teased.

“No!” I clenched my fist.

“Let’s do it!” I wrinkled my eyebrows. My brother ran off towards the house. He went inside and I looked down at the hill. Then I got my hands ready and pushed off! 

“Whoo hoo!!!!” It was amazing!! I grinned. 


I went back to the top of the hill and got my hands ready. I started to push off when Nathan came outside! I was falling down the hill! I tried to haul myself up, but my hands kept slipping! “Mom, Dad!! Help me!” I screamed. But my parents were busy doing something else. Nathan turned to me and saw me slipping. He ran over. He grabbed my hand just as I was about to fall. Then he pulled me up.

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