Our Summer Contest Winners!


Creative Writing Winner:  JULIA

The Defenders of The Golden Peaks

Sunset crept forward in the heat of summer as FeatherFledgling circled above. They had been traveling for miles across sandy dunes. Now, they needed somewhere to rest. Find the Oasis, the Oasis of One Plum. There, seek blood, the blood of the Summer Sun. Sunset recited the next verse of the poem in her mind. Read more of the story!


Essay Writing Winner:  JASON

I think that summer is the best season because the amount of things you can do during summer is really surprising. You can go to the beach with family and friends, you can play sports, and summer is also the warmest time of year. These things make summer a great season.

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Drawing/Comic Winner:  CLARICE



Poetry Winner:  HAILEY

Every Summer is relaxing, but not this one.

This Summer is a special one.

Covid-19 changed it all,

But it’s still a little fun, after all.

Summers are not only fun,

But fun in different ways in the sun.

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Congratulations to our winners!   We hope that everyone who participated enjoyed the experience!



We loved viewing your work. All of the submissions were a delight to read!



The next contest will be held in October; we hope that you will continue to participate!