Summer: A collection of poems


Poem 1:

In Summer the butterfly’s wings spread out.

Ready to fly North and South.

In Summer people go to the beach.

Relaxing, resting in the cool Summer breeze.

In Summer the kitten stretches out.

Ready to take a nap on the couch.

In Summer we play cards outside. 

Near the lovely ocean tide.

In Summer we enjoy the feeling,

The feeling that joy never hides.


Poem 2:

Rest on a nice cool patch of Green grass if you’re hot.

Stroke a puppy’s fur if you need to relax a lot.

Run, Play, have fun!

Or spend your Summer reading a book in the sun!

If you’re bored, then there’s a treat!

Go to the beach where your family and friends will meet!

Also drink some pink lemonade, watch some baseball, or put on a play!

Summertime is a vacation….use it well and use your imagination!



Every Summer is relaxing, but not this one.

This Summer is a special one.

Covid-19 changed it all,

But it’s still a little fun, after all.

Summers are not only fun,

But fun in different ways in the sun.