Katherine was camping in her backyard when much to her surprise, a four-legged, scaly, green-ish black reptile crawled into her tent. She quickly deemed the reptile a Komodo dragon. It was the biggest one she’d ever seen, being about 5 feet long. Nevertheless, a half hour later, it was settled in a spare dog crate in her room.


Three weeks passed and the lizard was doing surprisingly well. It had grown three feet longer and was now living freely in a corner of her room. Katherine would take it out into her backyard every day. For some reason, it preferred eating mice instead of a normal diet like ants or spiders. She couldn’t blame him since such a big animal couldn’t live on tiny bugs, but Katherine had to make constant trips to the pet store to get more food for it. 


A week later, the Komodo dragon was starting to grow upwards, growing a neck, and the legs got a lot longer. It was now taller than it was long! Katherine was starting to get seriously worried. Was this even a lizard? Space was becoming a problem too as it took up almost half of her room, so she decided to move him outside to her huge fenced backyard. She’d figured he’d also get more sunlight that way. 


After Katherine finished luring the Komodo dragon outside with steak, she did her homework, ate a quick dinner, and went outside to check on the Komodo dragon. When she saw it, she nearly fell over in shock. It was now towering over her and it had little stubs poking out of its body that looked suspiciously like wings. She decided it definitely wasn’t a lizard. Whatever it was, she needed to find out soon.


Her phone buzzed in her pocket, and she pulled it out. When she saw the notification, her eyes widened. It was an update from her Live Animal News Watch subscription! She barreled straight through the house to her room and started reading:


Paleontologists and historians have been working together and a new discovery has been made. Some very strange fossils were found about an hour ago. They looked like parts of dragon wings! Dragons are real! They were a type of dinosaur, but we don’t know if they went extinct like other dinosaurs. They may have evolved and survived, like birds, who were avian dinosaurs. Now, you might be thinking that this is fake news. Well, we’re not completely sure, but the fossils sure look like dragon bones. If anyone has seen anything that supports this evidence, please tell us! Our team will keep searching and update you all on our findings. 


Katherine scanned over the rest of the article, each description becoming more and more familiar. Then she made the connection. She ran outside just in time to see the mystical creature stretch its little wings, torch a nearby shrub, and take off into the sky.