Have you ever imagined that an animal could come back from extinction?

Well, one way animals can come back from extinction is through a process called iterative evolution, which is a really rare and unusual evolution of an animal of the same ancestor that happens two or more times.

An example of iterative evolution is with the White-throated Rail (a bird species) of Aldabra Atoll-an island in the Indian ocean.

A hundred thousand years ago the Indian ocean rose and it swallowed Aldabra Atoll, wiping out all of its wildlife, including a flightless bird named the White-throated Rail. Like its name, the White-throated Rail has a white throat. It also has a red neck, belly, and head, a grey body with a few white feathers, and light grey feet. Then many years later, the sea level went back down and Aldabra Atoll came up. Fossils that were found proved that Aldabra Atoll went under the ocean, since for a long time, there was no life on Aldabra Atoll. The fossils also showed that the bird reappeared when Aldabra Atoll rose above the ocean

This proves that it is possible for animals to come back from extinction.