Do you know why pandas have so many fans? I like pandas because I think they’re cute. There are also some interesting facts about pandas.


Not all pandas are black and white. Some pandas are brown and white, but those are very rare. When a panda cub is born, they weigh approximately 140 grams. Pandas grow 900 times their weight from when they are born. It takes five years for a female panda cub to become a grownup, but it takes seven years for a male cub. An average adult panda weighs about 115 kilograms. Pandas grow very fast, in such a short time, probably because they eat a lot and they don’t exercise.


  Pandas eat for 10 to 16 hours, and they spend the rest of the day sleeping. About 99% of a panda’s diet is bamboo because they don’t have the energy for hunting. Pandas sometimes can eat meat,but only when prey lands in front of them. They also like to lick copper and iron. 


Do you know what a group of pandas is called? A group of pandas is called an embarrassment of pandas or a cupboard of pandas, probably because they like to be alone.

  I think pandas are cute and I also think pandas are also interesting to study about.