Poetry! And Playthings….


“Peaceful Moonlight”

By Yueqi


After a day’s off night comes with moonlight

Shining stars glow beautifully above at night

Night has never missed a day ever since

Someday Earth’s going to be a fair prince!



“Summer” by Sophia

Summer is for 
And Runners.
Summer is
And Discover
With my brother


“Those Dolls”

By Miriam


My baby sister loves dolls. She loves them so much, I even have to hide some of them!

One day, while I was home alone, I noticed that the dolls had moved! They were no longer underneath my bed, but on top of it! I got really confused because I was the only one home and I had hidden those dolls while my parents and sister were gone. 

I decided to take my mind off of those dolls by making myself a tasty sandwich. I sat down in the kitchen to eat it, but noticed one of the dolls outside of my dad’s office. I got nervous, because my dad’s office is especially organized. 

When I went into the office, I got very mad. The papers were sprawled out around the floor and my dad’s favorite coffee mug was shattered. 

I chose to stay still facing the dolls, to see if they would move if I looked like a statue. I was correct!

They slowly walked out back into the kitchen. After I couldn’t see them anymore, I started to follow. 

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