My First Rhythmic Gymnastic Class

By Juliana


I love doing rhythmic gymnastics. It all started when my mom made me and my sister, Lucy, go to a trial class. We got into the car and drove to Boston Rhythmic. When I looked inside, it was huge! I was really excited, and a little nervous to meet a new teacher and new kids. Our coach was named Ada, and she said she taught levels five to eight. I was wearing a gymnastics leotard under my clothes. I changed into my leotard and we started the class.

The beginning of class was a lot of back stretching. The other students were really flexible, but luckily, I also had experience from gymnastics, so it wasn’t that bad. Next, we did splits. The other kids could do oversplits, but me and my sister just did regular splits. Then we shook out our legs by doing jumps, up and down, after each leg. 

Afterwards, I learned my first floor routine! Then, it was almost time to leave. Ada told us to get ropes and start jump roping. We jumped rope quickly and then Ada taught us how to use hoops. We started with simple tosses. However, I was really bad at them. After, it was time to leave. Ada went to my mom and started talking to her. Meanwhile, me and my sister changed back into our regular clothes. When Ada and my mom finished talking, we left. I definitely wanted to have another class. 

On the way home, my mom asked us if we wanted to continue or not. I said yes, but my sister didn’t want to. My mom said she would sign me up. 

When the real classes started, I had to buy all the new equipment. I got toe shoes, a ball, a rope, and a competition leotard. But it wasn’t the same teacher, it was a different teacher. And then my mom asked me if I liked that teacher.  If I didn’t like the teacher, she would bring me to another teacher. I said I didn’t like this teacher. My mom said she would bring me to session two to meet a new teacher named Masha.


By Isaac Meretta


Let’s dive into the Red Sox lineup.

Here is my ideal starting lineup and pitcher:

  1. RF Alex Verdugo
  2. DH JD Martinez
  3. 3B Rafael Devers
  4. SS Xander Bogearts
  5. 1B Mitch Moreland
  6. C Christian Vasquez
  7. CF Jackie Bradley Jr
  8. 2B Jose Peraza
  9. LF Andrew Benintendi

PITCHER: Nathan Eovaldi

Nathan Eovaldi is undefeated this season. That’s all I have to say about him. I see everyone complaining about Christian Vasquez hitting 6th. This man can be a monster hitter and can gun out runners trying to steal bases like Johnny Bench did (was he good at that? I don’t know!). What else could you want from a Catcher. At least he is not a catcher like Chance Sisco hitting 9th every time! One day, catchers will be hitting first.  Jackie Bradley Jr at Center Field is no argument. He may not be the best at hitting, but he is one of the best outfielders in the MLB! This guy is making diving catches like Willie Mays! The MLB’s Micheal Jordan! Alright maybe I took that too far, but you get the point. Then we have JD. The guy is not terrible at playing outfield, but you are saying that he is better than Verdugo or Benintendi? He is also a stud at hitting.   Then we have Benintendi. His average is .056 right now but he will get better. Plus, he is a great outfielder. Then there is Verdugo, who has one of the hottest bats right now. Speaking of hot bats, let’s talk about Mitch Moreland. If he keeps this up, he is my All Star Selection. In the last game against Toronto, he hit 2 home runs plus a walk off! Also, you can’t say that he is a bad first baseman. What more do you want from a first baseman? (you could get greedy and say, “I want his name to be Freddie Freeman,” but we aren’t going to talk about that). Then we come to Jose Peraza. He may be off to a slow start but he’ll get going. That’s all I have to say. Then we say hi to Rafael Devers. Despite a slow start, he is now hot even if he has some errors. Speaking of errors, the man who has no errors, Xander Bogearts, is on fire! Great shortstop, great hitter, game over Red Sox win!

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