Author : Isaac

The Al East extended…

The Baltimore Orioles, are they that good?

Before we start talking about the Red Sox, let’s talk about Baltimore. Any reasonable person would say that the Orioles should not be in front of any team in the MLB, much less 2 teams in a division!! Are the Red Sox really that bad? The first two spots in the division are obvious: the New York Yankees, who will probably make the World Series, and the Tampa Bay Rays, who are only 2 games in front of Baltimore. The Orioles are somehow 7-7, with the Red Sox 3 games behind them. 


Toronto Bad Jays

The Blue Jays, who are off to a rocky 5-8 start, are only 1 game behind Boston, but they did lose the series against Boston last week (we will talk more about that later) and they lost 2 games against Tampa Bay and Washington. They also lost a quiet 2 games against Atlanta, and then 3 more games against the Red Sox. Now they will play the Marlins for two games, and then the Rays after that. Then they will go on the road to Baltimore which is a huge series for Toronto and then they will come back to Canada to play the Phillies. 


A terrible Boston team

That’s enough about the Blue Jays. Let’s go to the Red Sox. The Red Sox somehow lost 2 in a row against Baltimore after an opening day win, so they are 1-2 heading into a series against the Mets. They lose two in a row against them, but then they shock the world and beat Jacob deGrom on Wednesday! This is when Christian Vasquez catches fire, hitting 4 home runs in 7 games, including a 2 home run game on Thursday. Guess what? The Red Sox win again on the road! They are now 3-4 heading to the Bronx. If you thought there was no way they could beat the Yankees, you were right. They lost 3 in a row, but Rafael Devers finally got his first home run in Game 3 of the series. Then they go to play Tampa Bay, and after a Game 1 loss, they shutout the Rays 5-0 in Game 2. Then they win 5-3 in Game 1 of a series against Toronto, but they drop a game in the second. Going into the final game of the series, it is all tied up at 1-1. It is 3-3 going into the bottom of the 9th. Rafael Devers and JD Martinez get ground outs, and Xander Bogearts comes to the plate. The Sox came within 1 strike of extra innings, but the X-Man takes ball 4. Up steps Mitch Moreland, and BANG, game over with one swing of the bat, walk off home run Mitch Moreland! The Red Sox are now 6-9, heading into a 4 gamer against Tampa Bay, and then a tough series against the Yankees. Then they will host the Phillies and then go to Baltimore. 


How bout them Os

Now let’s talk about them O’s. As we know, the Orioles won 2 out of 3 against the Red Sox, then they had their games against the Marlins postponed due to Covid-19. Then they lose two in a row against that Yankee team, then they shock Tampa by winning 3 in a row. Of course then they are due to lose three in a row against Miami, because they are, well, the Orioles.  Then they beat the Nationals but game two of that series was postponed. Now their record is 7-7. They will now go to play 3 games in Phily, then come back to Baltimore to play the Nationals, the Blue Jays, and the Red Sox.  


The New York Yankees: A season of postponing

Now we will take a peek at that New York team. Yah, they are kind of good at that baseball thing. The Yankees beat the Nationals in a 3 game series 2-1 including a win on opening day, but the series against the Phillies was postponed due to Covid-19. Then they sweep the Orioles and the Red Sox. Game 2 of another Philly series is postponed due to Covid-19, but the Yankees win games 1 and 4. Game 1 of the Ray series is postponed, but the Yankees win 2 in a row to cap off the series. Now they will play the Braves, Rays, and Red Sox. 



I think that the standings for the AL East will look like this at the end of the season:

#1 Yankees

#2 Rays

#3 Blue Jays

#4 Orioles

#5 Red Sox

Yes, I know we don’t want to see the Red Sox at the bottom of this list. But they did lose two in a row to a bad Baltimore team. I think that the Rays will make the playoffs, but they will lose in the first round. The Yankees will make it to the World Series where they are going to lose to the Dodgers and Cody Bellinger. Aaron Judge will be in the MVP race for sure, I am not sure if he will win it. The thing is, Aaron Judge is smashing home runs every game now! I actually think he will win MVP. The Red Sox will have a lousy year with Alex Verdugo being their best player. I think Bo Bichette will have a breakout year, with Vladimir Guerrero Jr hitting a slump in September.