Solve these puzzles for a special prize!!!


Emoji Rebus

For this puzzle, all you have to do is figure out what the message means!

Here’s an example message:

Solution: You replace the “e” in tie with “m” and then add another “e” to get the word “time”! (This one is one word long, but the puzzle solution could be multiple words.)


Here’s the emoji rebus you guys should try to solve:

Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve this online jigsaw puzzle!



To submit your puzzle, please take a screenshot of the jigsaw, a picture of the completed crossword, and just write what you think the answer to the emoji rebus is.

If you solve all 3 puzzles, please email belmontkidsmagazine@gmail.com to claim your prize


Crossword Puzzle

Click here for the crossword puzzle!


The prize is… A puzzle eraser along with a book of riddles! The riddle book will be different from the book last month.