Our Dear Readers,


We are so grateful for all of your support. Looking over your wonderful submissions makes us very proud to be a part of this creative and inspiring community of students.


However, we have encountered a huge problem. Last month, we had a lot of participation from kids around Belmont. Unfortunately, we didn’t have many writers or artists this month. The number of participants is falling faster than the autumn leaves! We do understand that school has started this month, so you are probably busy with other activities. However, we really hope that you will continue writing and drawing for the Belmont Times magazine!


The beauty of the Belmont Times is that it helps connect the kids of our community. In Belmont, especially during remote learning, we students hardly ever see each other. The gaps between ages and grades have created a chasm between us. Since many Belmont students don’t even attend the same school, communication is usually rather scarce. But, this magazine gives us common ground. It is a safe place where the kids of our town can share ideas, thoughts, opinions, and their hard work. The Belmont Times is shared by all of us, a bridge to cross the chasm.


In addition, this magazine offers kids the opportunity to have their work published.





Having your own piece published is an amazing experience that can give children self-confidence and pride in their hard work. We hope that this option will always be available to every child in Belmont.


So, please write or draw a submission next month! We really need more participants to continue sustaining the Belmont Times magazine. (Please note that there will be a contest held next month! We hope that you will submit pieces. Like for the August contest, there will be prizes awarded to the winners of the October contest.)


For the month of October, the contest theme will be…


PUMPKINS! You can visit here to sign up for general submissions and contest submissions!



Lastly, a special shoutout to Julia, Eva, and Yueqi, who took time out of their month to write some awesome submissions! We just want to thank you for your participation this month.


Thank you and best wishes,

The Editors