“Somebody Else” by Eva





“And now, live on NWTV, say hello to Angela Stevensons, and her assistant and  trusted friend, Stacey Linnears, the Double Duo Crimestoppers, home to the city of Los Angeles, where they stopped armed crooks and bank heists from succession. Los Angeles is proud to have them here as citizens! Please welcome Angela Stacey to our show!” 

Taking a deep breath and putting on an animated smile, Angela strode down the hallway, past the crowds of paparazzi and makeup artists, then sat down into one of the leather seats next to Roger Holmes, the host. Stacey sat into the next, also faking a shiny grin.

Now was the time when they both knew that the interview was going to start. Angela desperately hoped he wouldn’t ask how they stopped the crime, and only stick to the fact that they thought it was her who saved the city of LA.

“Angela and Stacey, it really is an honor to meet you both, really, it is,” he began with. Angela gave a small exhale of relief, because she had assumed the worst. Stacey gave a knowing look at Angela as well, but was still jittery about the situation she was in right now..

“Thank you, Roger, it’s a pleasure to meet you, too,” Stacey replied smoothly. Angela was just starting to realize that their host was also the part of the huge public who didn’t know much, except she was in middle school and stopped some of the biggest crimes in history.


“Well, that’s a polite lady over there,” he said with a wink, and continued, “So, let’s begin, when did you get into helping the police stop crooks, mostly centered around heists and stealing?” he began matter-of-factly, a professional tone kicking in.

“Well, Stacey and I both think it is extremely wrong to steal, since it’s a cruel way to get money, why, that poor ice-cream vendor gave up all his money, and we all know that that eight hundred dollars from selling ice-cream is a lot, too,” Angela said, trying to act causal.

“My, aren’t you two the most thoughtful kids I’ve met in my entire life!” he said, beaming as if they were two gold plated statues that could be worth his entire company.

“Anyways..” and he began asking a few more questions, until he hit the fatal mark that Angela was dreading.

“Now, this might seem like a tough question for you, but with your experience with crime, it’ll be a real easy question. Now we all know that you were backed up by the police force. I’m assuming because it’s your mom, Rachel Stevensons, who’s  the chief officer.She’s just making sure that you’re okay and all, right?”-they nodded, biting their lips anxiously and readying themselves for the final blow-“Makes sense! But then again, you two were so resourceful that you found out what was actually going on with the real issue, the heist, and stopped it just in time! Now, mind me asking, how did you do that exactly?”


To Be Continued