“Boating Surprises” by Julia





Streams of water erupted from nowhere. I rowed quietly, steering clear of the rocks bursting with algae. The current had sped faster and faster until it looked like we weren’t going anywhere. I didn’t remember the rocks there or the mussel shells lining the bottom of the river.

“Paddle faster, Baba and James are nowhere to be seen.” Mama Urged. As I kayaked past boulders, everything seemed to haunt me. Something was wrong…    

We found Baba and James paddling on the opposite side of the shore. I could feel the sand beneath the boat and the water didn’t even reach my wrist.

“This way! There’s no water there!” Baba Called, signaling with his hand. I was shocked. The river had pulled back from the ramp, leaving a muddy disaster. The mud was a sad gray and seagulls strode proudly over it, pecking at shells. As we pulled to the other ramps, the water had gone too. “We’ll have to carry the boats over the mud,” Baba Said, climbing out of the boat. As I stepped out, I sank in and the mud reached my knees. It was impossible to lift my feet out as I had my shoes on. I felt my feet stick to the mud like suction cups. I had to dig myself and my shoes out of the mud, the mud as sticky as glue and slimier than a tree frog. As I pulled the boat along, sharp shells stabbed against my feet, the acute point of sea snails slicing my skin. 



Have you ever treaded in the sea, where instead of sand were hard pebbles? That’s what it felt like, but much worse. The mud had wormed its way into my toenails, and a reed was stuck to my foot, blazing pain whenever I tried to pull it off. I stuck the paddle into the mud before I took another step so I wouldn’t sink in too fast, but my foot ached even more.  My brother kayaked on the narrow strip of water since he was light enough not to sink into the mud. When we came to a wide patch of water separating us from the ramp, I jumped behind James into the kayak, my muddy feet staining the seat brown. The water sploshed as James paddled noisily, making tiny waves that rippled across the surface. 

As we neared the shore, mud changed into spiky rocks, and I had to put on my shoes. After we climb up the ramp and load into the car, I relax. What a surprise today was. Maybe Our Adventures haven’t ended yet. I thought with a smile.