This page features writing from level 1 of our Summer Classes, which includes students in grades 1 and 2. All of the courses were 8 weeks long, with an hour of instruction each week. They were completely free to attend!

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1st Feature: Written by Heidi Wei, 3rd Grade

One day i used my tongue to touch a tooth it was wiggley.I went to the couch to sit down.The blanket on top was as soft as a dog.When i went to bed i wiggled it one last time.I woke up next morning i walked out of my room and down the stairs but…I did not notice the tooth fall to the ground.After a little i noticed my tooth was missing After a little i found the tooth on the ground.Clink!The tooth dropped from my hand.I was so happy i could run around the house for a day.


2nd Feature: Written by Abigail, 2nd grade

“If I can go to any place in summer, I will go to Guangzhou, China because I can go visit my grandma and grandpa. One reason is that I can explore the university campus that my grandparents lived in. Another reason is that every day in Guangzhou is hot. I need to take a swim to cool down, and sometimes it rains when I am swimming. I love the special egg that my grandma cooks for me. And every night, my grandma tells me a story. During the day I take a walk in the university campus and I discover new plants and flowers. Furthermore, sometimes I see new insects and animals. Every day I take a swimming class, and after the swimming class my grandma gives me an ice cream for reward. When I lick the ice cream, I always say “yum yum yum!” I really want to go to Guangzhou China in the summer if I can.”