This page features writing from level 2 of our Summer Classes, which includes students in grades 3 or 4.


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by Mark Zhou

The next planet was the biggest of all the planets, it had barely enough room for the street that was on the planet. It was inhabited by a salesman who wanted to sell his house.

“Good morning,” the little prince said to the salesman. “What are you doing?”

“I am waiting,” replied the salesman and looked at the little prince with no interest.

“Waiting for what?” Asked the little prince who kept persisting with questions.

“Waiting for people to buy my house.”

“Why do you want to sell your house?” 

“To get money,” answered the salesman who wanted to end the conversation.

“How much money does your house cost?” questioned the little prince who didn’t know that the salesman didn’t want to answer any more questions.

“85,160.99 dollars,” replied the salesman.

“What are you going to do with all that money?”

“Buy a better house!” Shouted the salesman, his face filled with rage. The little prince did not dare to ask anymore questions but he thought for a while and nevertheless, he still had some more questions. 

“What are you going-” The little prince’s question was interrupted by a formally dressed man who wanted to buy the salesman’s house.

“Good morning,” said the formally dressed man.

“Good morning,” responded the salesman.

“Can I buy your house?” questioned the formally dressed man.

“Of course you can,” answered the salesman and smiled at the man.

And so the man bought the salesman’s house and gave him $85,160.99. The salesman used the money to buy a luxurious mansion across the street. 

“Are you satisfied with your mansion?” Asked the little prince who felt happy for the salesman. 

“Yes,” replied the salesman briefly.

And so the little prince continued his journey but after a short visit from earth he came back to the planet to meet the salesman again.

“Good evening,” said the little prince.

“Good evening” said the salesman.

The little prince was puzzled after he saw the “FOR SALE” sign in front of the salesman’s mansion

“What are you going to do with your mansion?” asked the little prince.

“I am selling it, and I want to buy another house,” replied the salesman.

“So you aren’t satisfied with your mansion” said the little prince.


“Adults are certainly very strange, They don’t know what they really want except more,” Thought the little prince as he continued his journey.












“The Day It Happened” by Reya Agrawal


I took my tray from the counter at my favorite restaurant, Junior’s Diner, and walked to an open table. Just as I was putting my tray down on the table, someone bumped into me. In seconds, there was ketchup all over my shoes and pieces of meat and lettuce were all over the ground. The person that bumped into me looked down, and immediately started towards the floor to clean the mess up. “Oh my god, I am so sorry, I will buy you another hamburger straight away.” I bent down to help too, but something about this woman seemed a little, I dunno, familiar, I guess. I also noticed that she had a British accent, now I don’t know anyone that is from England. But I still seemed intrigued by this woman. A couple seconds later, a waitress noticed the mess, and came to clean it up. As we stood up, the mystery woman held her hand out and said

“Hi, my name is Emma Watson. Sorry about the mess, by the way.” My mouth dropped open, I was speechless. Emma Watson! I was meeting a world-famous, highly respected, movie star! She starred in Harry Potter! Harry Potter is my favorite movie in the whole world! And she was saying her name so casually! I shook my head, and came back into reality. I slowly extended my hand, and shook her hand. 

“My name is Reya,” I said timidly. And then, the next thing I knew, I was blabbing my mouth about how much I love her, and how I am her biggest fan. After I, (finally!) calmed down, Emma invited me to sit at her table! I felt like I was living in a dream! After we had found a seat, and got all settled in, I asked her if I could, you know, ask her some questions. And, she told me to ask anything I wanted! I honestly felt like I could die of happiness! 

“Ok,” I said. “How are you and Hermione similar?”

  “Well, Hermione is a very studious character, and I study a lot too, if I am not on set, I study, my parents sometimes have to tell me to stop studying!”. 

“Wow, I would never do that, studying is not my thing!” I said, amused. “Well, let’s move on,” I said hurriedly. “What do you like or dislike about Hermione?”

“I like that she doesn’t just use her knowledge for herself, and that she uses it to help her friends on the OWL exams and on the tests, though 1 thing that I think she could maybe improve on would be her bossiness, which I know from personal experience, is annoying”. 

“What was your favorite part of playing Hermione?”.

“I liked playing her, because it was like a clone of me, living in an opposite world”.

“Yeah, I can imagine that, it must be so cool! Ok, I said, I have 1 more question for you, why do you like acting?” 

“Well, because you get to express yourself in a whole new way, it’s like an opinion in another world!” 

“Wow, that’s really cool,” I said. “Thank you so much for letting me sit with you, and for answering my questions. It was a real privilege.” Emma pulled her jacket on and gave me her signature smile, 

“It was a pleasure answering them, Reya.”  And with that, she went her way. I was still standing there, staring at her walk away in awe.