Gerald, the magical wizard, spent months living a spectacular life, and now this happens.

It all began when a virus called the Coronavirus started ruling the world. Everyone in the world was unhappy, but Gerald was the unhappiest. Gerald decided that he wanted to beat the Coronavirus.

Gerald has a pet pumpkin, Hugo. He was an enormous pumpkin, five times larger than average. Hugo was very good at using his stem to wrap multiple things and his seeds as a laser to zap bad guys. Hugo was trained for this type of fighting for 20 years with Gerald.

One weird day, Gerald ate some Fried Arcane Mouse for breakfast. On a typical day, Gerald would eat a piece of crab cake.
In a flash, Gerald finished his breakfast. Afterward, he walked over to Hugo and whispered a plan to beat the Coronavirus. “I want you to dress up like another Covid-19 to distract the Coronavirus. Then, I am going to pour some of my magic potions on him, and that wicked virus will disappear.”

Hugo was so happy and said, “Wow, that is great.”

Hours later, Hugo was ready, dressed up as a huge orange Coronavirus. Next to him was Gerald dressed in a purple jacket, a black pointy hat, and wearing green Reeboks. In his pocket were the magic potions that were part of his plan.
At this moment, the Coronavirus was trying to infect people by getting into human lungs, making people super sick, and leaving some dead.

Gerald and Hugo hid behind some bushes. Once Hugo was ready, he tiptoed over to the Coronavirus and started disturbing the virus by shooting seeds at it.

But soon, Hugo began coughing. “Oh no,” Gerald exclaimed, “Hugo was too close to the Coronavirus so that he might have gotten infected.”


The wizard takes the magic potion out of his pocket, ready to dump it on the Coronavirus. The evil virus heard the sound of the wizard running toward him and flew away.

The next morning, Hugo got rushed to the Rockhardy Hospital. Gerald was in tears.
The Pandemic got worse and worse, beating the world. Now everyone is too scared to leave their houses.
Gerald could not sleep, thinking of Hugo, ” Will his friend ever recover from the Coronavirus?”
The phone rang. It was from Rockhardy Hospital. A doctor said that the pumpkin was so sick that he might turn into a pie soon. Once Gerald heard this, he fainted and became depressed.
After the Coronavirus heard the news, he was happier than ever. Now, nobody was going to fight him back. He would now be able to infect more people.
“It is not over,” Gerald said to himself, “we can still beat this virus. Hugo might recover.”
This time, the wizard went to Rockhardy Hospital. Once Gerald entered the hospital, he went straight to Hugo’s bed.
The doctors saw Gerald and said, “we have some good news.”
“What news?” Gerald asked.
“Hugo is not dead, and he recovered today.” said the doctor.
Gerald was so happy that he almost forgot that they were still trying to beat the Coronavirus.
Gerald and Hugo said thank you to the doctors in the hospital, and they ran out to fight Covid-19. This time Hugo maintained social distance.
They saw the virus right at the corner of Mac- Chicken street. Hugo started distracting the enemy. The wizard dumped five whole bottles of magic potion on the Coronavirus. A few moments later, the Coronavirus slowly disappeared, and the whole world was happy again.


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