As always, we have three puzzles for you!


1. Solve this riddle! 


On the day that monsters moan,

come see me on Hillcrest

and bring your phone.

Approach me at your own risk,

in this haunted yard.

Walk past me but be brisk,

for this house, I guard.

On a night so dark and dull,

look for my grinning skull.

What am I?


2.  Solve this maze!


The picture may be a bit blurry, so here is the link:  

Maze Puzzle PDF




3. Find the odd ones out!


Find all the smiling emojis! All you need to do is tell us how many smiling ones you see.




We’re sorry that we weren’t able to add the book recommendations this month… Come back in November to find out which books to read next!


A big thank you to those who submitted recommendations!