This month, the winner of the Creative Writing Category is Lisa!


Spooks and Scares on Skrep Street


I walked through the dark night that surrounded Skellet road. The night seemed to spookily wrap around me, and the cold made me shiver. Pumpkins all around me seemed to cackle with malicious laughter, and I felt alone in the cloudy evening, dressed in a short puffy dress with a red basket and a hood, with brown boots that could only be little red riding hood’s. Trick or treating only started on Skrep Street, the road so infamously known as the spookiest Halloween street in the world. Decked out in graveyards, mutinous barbies, chains, zombies rising out of coffins, and well trained black cats who sat on the railings of almost half the homes on Skrep street, it was amazing. Skellet road was known for the slight fog that made for a good walkway for trick or treating, and a nice place for pre-trick or treating pictures and cool naturally filtered photos. My family always stayed out with those old cameras that printed pictures, and offered to take pictures of others in the fog. Blake’s house, on the other hand, was right in the middle of the action on Skrep street, with her kittens, Ebby and Abby who posed in the shadows, mreowing at nearby passerby on Halloween night.
I turned onto Skrep Street, and almost immediately ran into Blake. 
“Ack, sorry!” I jumped.
“It’s fine! C’mon, I want to go show everybody our awesome costumes!” Blake squealed. Blake was clad in a grey dress with a fluffy hood around her face, and fangs, a girly version of the wolf who wanted to eat little red riding hood in the fairytale.





“So, my neighbors made this trick or treating adventure thing, I don’t know what it is exactly, but do you want to go check it out?” Blake offered.
“Sure!” I followed Blake towards her house, and Ebby meowed at me as I passed, and I petted his sleek fur. We came up to the side of her neighbor’s house, where there was a door decorated with fake blood, skeletons, and other creepy halloween themed decor.
“Welcome to the Black Palace. You have five minutes to escape.” An automatic machine announced as soon as the door shut behind us.
We walked down the old wooden stairs, cobwebs sticking to our shoes, and the dusty basement made me sneeze.
Suddenly, a ghost fell on us. Blake and I screamed until we realized it was a white washcloth. There was nothing else scary in sight. We continued through, complaining that the so-called ‘spooky adventure’ was a scam until we came upon something unrecognizable at first sight. Then, I realized what it was. A huge pile of dead bodies, all looking recently shot, and they were all wearing Halloween costumes. Then, two cardboard boxes shifted, and revealed hidden machine guns, which immediately started spraying us.
I didn’t have enough time to see two of the bodies rise after Blake and I took our last breaths.
It looked like a trade.
Trade your life for someone else’s.
Except we weren’t expecting it.