Supermarket Pumpkin Tour

By Ann

When you go to the supermarket, you see loads of delicious food.

Chips, soda, candies, cheeses, fruits, and all sorts of other things. But there is a type of squash you don’t see very often that comes in for a long visit near Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkin always maneuvers its way to you in many different forms. You can spot it from pumpkin soup to pumpkin cookies.

Bakery displays always attract me first. Pumpkin pie will be on the shelf around Thanksgiving, when families get together and have a great time feasting on turkey, relish, and soup. Pumpkin pie is always served after dinner as dessert. The pie features a crunchy golden brown crust and a sweet orange color pumpkin based custard. Pumpkin pie tastes great with a dash of cinnamon and whipped cream, too.

Another attractive seasonal piece in the bakery is pumpkin bread. These delicious loaves of bread have dried berries and seeds mixed into the dough for a nice, crunchy texture. A thick slice of pumpkin bread and a glass of milk will kick your day off feeling good.









Moving on to the To-Go stand, you can find pumpkin soup, which is a popular dish in fall. A bowl of hot orange creamy soup cooked from blended pumpkin flesh, broth, and fresh pumpkin chunks is always a super addition to dinner on chilly autumn days. Some people even sprinkle spices like basil and garlic on the soup for a richer flavor.

Walking along the cooking aisle, you see many types of oil. Canola oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, and so on. Well, there is also an oil that is pressed from roasted pumpkin seeds and can appear to be red or green, depending on how thick it is. Pumpkin seed oil is used for salad dressing, marinade, or
just drizzle some directly on your food.

The snack section of the store is the must-go place before you leave. If you want a healthy snack, try some roasted pumpkin seeds! The seeds are crunchy and even a little bit sweet! There are also pumpkin cookies, which is a great treat to have at a Halloween party! Sweet and chewy, pumpkin cookies make a great snack with a tidbit of cinnamon sugar. And don’t forget to grab some pumpkin crackers, a crispy and salty snack that you can stash in your bag to feast on throughout the day.

Pumpkin is used in foods all over the world, and people from
everywhere love it. So, the next time you go to the  supermarket, remember to look for all those foods that feature pumpkin!