It was a beautiful fall day with a gentle breeze and a perfect blue sky, Sally’s long golden wavy hair seemed to float slightly as the wind gently played with her hair. “Wow,” she murmured, gazing at the hogwarts express with it’s fire engine red paint. There was steam from it all around the platform 9 3/4 her eyes traveled around 9 3/4 studying the cat purring in their owners arms and the owls hooting in their cages. She noticed an exceptionally pretty snowy owl. The owner had very messy black hair, emerald green eyes, and an oddly shaped scar on his forehead. It was like a lightning bolt. Sally frowned, interesting she thought. Next to him stood a boy with bright red hair and lots of freckles and on his other side a girl with very bushy brown hair. The boy with black hair had glasses and she couldn’t spot his parents. She watched as two older boys with the same red hair and freckles as the younger boy joked around. She turned away to look at a broomstick. As Sally squinted she was pretty sure it read Nimbus Two Thousand and One. The boy holding it had slicked pale blond hair and very pale skin. His narrow eyes were checking out the place like her, but unlike her, it wasn’t out of amazement, it was almost… disappointment. His father was just like him except his hair was long and put into a ponytail, Sally stifled a giggle when she noticed it was held there by a ribbon. The boy’s mother noticed., Wow,I thought My old 5th grade teacher was an expert at glaring, she thought wincing under it.

 “What do you think of this?” Her twin brother asked Sally. She was so engrossed in looking around she barely heard him. “Come on little sis, answer me!” Joey grinned at the fact that he called her his “little sister”, knowing it would annoy her.     Sally glared at him “You are older than me by a minute. And I think it is amazing” 

     Joey sighed “A minute, really Sal, try a year!”

     “You were born on new years eve at 11:59 I was born at 12:01 We are a minute apart and we say we are born in the same year.” 

     “Anyway, we just walked through a wall, and we are getting on a train to a school of magic This is amazing!” He quickly changed the subject.

     “Yeah and two weeks ago an old woman came to our door and told us we were wizards and witches and brought us to a place our parents couldn’t see.” Sally added.

     “And we met goblins!” 

     “And got a wand!”

     “I think the point is, the world is a weird place” Joey said with a grin Sally laughed. The train let out an ear splitting whistle. Joey clamped his hands on his ears.

 “We should be getting on the train.” Sally turned to her parents who pulled her in a tight hug “Goodbye” she whispered in a barely audible voice “I’ll miss you” she added.

“We’ll miss you too, Sal.” Sal looked at them “I will see you on christmas.” She looked back at them one last waving goodbye but she was too excited to notice the sadness in her, she was heading to hogwarts!      Belladonna leafed through Witch Weekly studying the pictures of the trendiest dress robes, and pausing to look at a new lip gloss. She glanced up as a beautiful girl with long blond hair, brown eyes that seemed to be dotted with gold, and perfect skin. Belladonna set down Witch Weekly. “Hello” The girl responded with a very quick  “Hi” She looked around the compartment “Is this compartment open?” Belladonna nodded.

     “Yes” The girl sat down so they were facing each other, Belladonna brushed some of her hair out of her eyes, and watched as the girl pulled out Hogwart: A History  She was already mostly through it. So Belladonna returned to Witch Weekly. Rolling her eyes when she spotted that Lockhart had won the best smile again even if he was stuck in St. Mungos because of memory loss. A few hours passed without anything interesting happening the rolling green fields and hills passed it was starting to get a little dark as Belladonna looked out the window 

     Suddenly bangs and a series of shrieks came from the other compartment. The temperature seemed to drop about 30 degrees both girls started shivering and all happiness was gone nooooo… please nooo don’t be dementors she mentally begged

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…but as she wished it in came a dementor gliding it long black cloak hovering in the air the other girl started sobbing and shaking, Belladonna ran to her side comforting her the dementor came terrifyingly close. Belladonna clamped her own mouth shut and covered the girls too.

 Sally lay there shaking, Sally could hear voices that she was pretty sure she had never heard Crucio Crucio Filthy little mudblood answer me  it turned into more distanced voices  Sally’s grandmother the person she loved most begging Sally to help her and Sally couldn’t. Sally’s grandmother would die not long after that. A hand covered her mouth and she wanted to push it away. As it became too much. collapsing, Sally was pretty sure she heard someone shout “Go away we’re not hiding Sirius Black!” But Sally wasn’t sure, whatever it was the creature left after that. Sally groaned “What happened?” 

     “Dementors” Responded the other girl. “They suck happiness out of people.”

     “If a dementor met Grumpy Cat then it would be very sad.” Sally responds by channeling happiness.

     “What makes you say that?”

     “Grumpy Cat’s never happy”

     “oh” The girls both sat there for a second “I’m Belladonna, but people call me Bella” she added “what is your name?”

    “Sally, everyone calls me Sal but you can call me The Unstoppable!” 

 Bella laughed ” Here, want some Chocolate.”

     ” Whaaaat???” Sal asked “How will chocolate help?”

     “Just try it”

     “Okay…” Sal bit into it, “wow… just wow” She felt amazing it spread like warmth all across her happiness had returned to her “Is there a reason you are named after a poisonous plant?” 

     Bella laughed “Your not the first person to ask me that, the answer is a belladonna is a very dangerous plant and when my mother named me she wanted it clear that I am dangerous. Well you can see how well that went… My father would be losing his HEAD yelling at my for helping you.” she glanced down uncomfortably.

     “What’s wrong?” Sally asked, feeling that Bella was hiding something.

     “My parents… my dad is… is a death eater.” 

     Sally stared at her as her world was spinning. It felt like she was on a really fast roller coaster… the kind that liked to flip upside down a lot. A thousand thoughts raced through her head in a second. “Really?” She had read enough books to know all the horrible things Death Eaters had done.

     “Yes I know you can hate me for it, my family has an awesome  tradition of helping wizards like You-know-who and Grindelwald.” She said sarcastically “I’m hoping to break that tradition! And help Dumbledore” 

  “It’s okay… you can’t control things like that in life, believe me I know most of all…”      “I have a feeling we’re both hiding something…” Murmured Bella

     “Then we are even” responded Sal “and I can live with that.” She studied Bella, who looked… absolutely miserable her long black hair flowing down the sides off her face and off her shoulder her warm brown colored face. When she looked at Bella she didn’t see a death eater looking back she saw a girl ashamed of her past and family. “I don’t blame you. They both looked out the window at the school of hogwarts quickly approaching.