“Liya! Alice! C’mon!” Mom shouted from upstairs. 

“Why?” Alice screamed, sitting on the couch. The TV was on and my little sister, Zoey was watching a show.

“Because we’re going on a road trip!” Mom shouted back. Alice groaned. 

“YAY!” Zoey screamed. Alice stared at me. I sighed. 

I got up and picked up Zoey. I went upstairs and put Zoey on the bed in my Mom’s room. Then, I walked across the hall to get ready in my room. 


Later, me, my sisters (Alice and Zoey), and my mom were ready. But my dad…I walked out back to see if my dad was there. He was there all right. My dad got a boat last year and wanted to use it ever since. Mom came outside.
“Frank, not the boat!” 


“Frank.” Dad sighed. 

“Fine, but we’ll use it to put our things.” Dad smiled. 


“Why are we bringing the boat?” Alice asked. 

“Ask your dad.” Mom said. I’m positive Mom got the road trip idea from Family Frolic. It’s a magazine about how to ‘connect’ with your family. 

Mom wanted to see a really beautiful view, so we ended up on a bridge. It was 12 and Zoey was sleeping. I saw a place called Soak Central and we went there. We ate and there was a waterslide there, so Alice and I went there. It was SOOO fun! Then, it was time to go. 



“We took out our locker keys and took out all our stuff. So far this road trip was FUN!

“I think we nailed it today!’ Mom said. 

“Buuut…of course SOMETHING had to go wrong. Dad’s wallet was missing! We all looked around but it was getting late, so we just went home. Dad was upset. I went over to him when we reached home and put my hand on his shoulder. Then he put me on his lap. Something was stabbing me. It hurt.

“Hey Dad. Can you move what’s in your pocket?” Dad raised an eyebrow. I got up and he put his hand in his pocket. Then he pulled it out. It was his wallet!! He gasped. 

“How did that get there?” 

“Maybe invisible aliens stole them and put them in your pocket.” Zoey said. 

“Or maybe he just forgot that it was in his pocket.” Alice said. Dad smiled. 

“How about a group hug?” Mom said. Alice got up and everyone got into a huge hug. 

“Wait! Me too!” Zoey squeezed through. 

“Owie.” She said scratching her head. Everyone burst into laughter.