A Wintery New Year  by Steven





        On a chilly day, I sit down on a sofa drinking my hot cocoa, covering a piece of warm, wool blanket. I stand up and look at my window. It is super blurry, so I wipe it a few times till I can finally see it clearly. Outside there was nothing but pure white, so white that it feels like a winter wonderland. After a few minutes, I saw a bunch of kids playing with the snow, normal. Saw lots of roofs that are covered with snow, normal. My driveway hasn’t been clean, still normal, Charlton Street is not been clean yet, weird. Literally, no one wants to get out to play in the snow beside the group of kids right outside of the street? Not normal. Not look at my social media, what the heck? Why am I not looking at my social media? Instagram, zero notification. Facebook? zero too.


        Hey, did you check the weather about tonight? No. I look at the Weather App, it takes 15 seconds to load since everyone is using their electronics since it is like a freezer outside, or they are playing games, super normal. I heard the school is closed because of how much snow is there. I still feel cold, so I turn the heater on. Ahhh, feels much better.


        I went up the stairs and went to my bedroom to get a coat and start shoveling. It was turning dark so I better do it quickly. I went outside, yeah, it is super cold. After cleaning ⅓ of my driveway, there was a big gust of wind. The houses in my neighborhood used to be lights everywhere, now it was pure darkness. After a few seconds, I realize what happened: A blackout. Great, so much bad stuff: Super bad wifi, stupid darn cold, haven’t even finished part of my driveway, and now a blackout? Ugh, I just need to watch Youtube to entertain me. Darn it! Now no wifi? Worst day ever! The only thing I can do is just go to bed and not take a hot bath. So I went to my bed and fell asleep until my friend called me at literally 12:01 AM.

        “What do you want?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

        “I just want to say Happy New Year!” He answered.

        Wait, New Year? Wait wait wait, today is New Year!?