Winter Holidays






By Julia


Northern lights, wrapped around trees.

Southern noon, heat at ease.

Full midst of december, Families all gather,

Where they stand all together, The holidays will never waver.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Don’t forget Kwanza.

What do you hope? To find it, Don’t Grope.

Food and drink, full to the brink.

Candles shine, Brightness divine.

Presents are given, Big and Small,

Wrapped in paper, Carrying love.

Snow comes in north, cold all the way through.

Yet delicate it seems, Its bite will be true.

Look into the hase, So gray you may sigh,

Love will reach you, Just open your eyes.

As the moon shines bright, A breeze floats past,

Carrying love and kindness. Warmth and friendship. 

Ahhh, Carrying December…


Christmas fun 

By Eileen


On a cold winter night, here comes the sleigh,

Trotting in front is my dapple-gray.

 Trotting so fast, blurring the sleigh,

Oh here comes the fun winter Christmas day.

The next morning I wake up, it is packed with fun,

Opening presents and having a big run.

House and decorations, trees and food,

Oh it is Christmas so don’t be rude.

One Meal in the morning, Another in the day,

The last in the night and making a fun play.

Hear the big bells, ting-ting-ling

Right now you can’t forget to do the ring.

Oh not so fast, my little brother,

You cannot open presents yet, said my mother.

Oh no, it is the end of Christmas day,

But there is always a better NEIGH!