Seasonal Scenery





Christmas Eve

By Yueqi


When I was snoring, Santa came to our house

On that night, with white snow in drifts

Giving me presents, trudging through wild winds 

A note is left, two gifts spotted

A lego submarine and an Ocean Liner ship

Excited I was, exactly on my list

Waits ‘till we snore, works hardly at night

One cookie is gone, I know you love my snack

Oh, how I wish I could see you on that night!


The Beauty of the Walden Pond

By Yueqi


One side is dark, one side is bright

One side is plain, one side has sights

Blue sky above, blue water below

Fluffy clouds above, waves on the go

Trees around the pond, leaves bright and green

Pebbles and stones, water splashed with a throw

The beauty of the pond, I would never forget.