Winter Season  by Aria






During winter holidays do you like staying up late at night watching movies, drinking hot chocolate while watching snow fall, and sucking on candy canes after you decorated your house? Even though those activities are nice, skiing is the part that I really enjoyed during winter break.


When I ski, flying down a snowy slope, curving to slow down, and riding up lifts is super fun and exciting. While zooming down a mountain covered with soft snow the speed rapidly gets faster and faster as the wind roars in my ears, I get both excited and nervous.


I curve to slow down while the wind whooshes and sends a pile of snow drifting through the air. I enjoy watching the snow around me fly in the air as I shift my weight from one foot to another.




The relaxation of riding up the mountain on a lift is nice. I dangle my legs down from the lift and they skim over the tops of the green pine trees below me. I sing cheerful holiday songs with my family to pass the time as I look at the late afternoon sky and see the colors red, orange, pink, purple, and dark blue in the sunset.


The last call for the ski lift always makes me a bit sad, but after we trudged into the lobby of the ski resort, kicking off my ski boots eases the pain in my foot. The sweet smell of hot chocolate  fills the room which  makes me want to be home, warm and cozy.