Interview with my Girl Scouts Troup Leader  by Aria





I interviewed Mrs. Kim Foster, one of the leaders from my girl scout troup on 12/20/2020.


What is your favorite winter holiday and what do you like to do during that holiday?

My favorite winter holiday is Christmas and I like looking at the lights people put up, making cookies, and spending time with my family.


How are you going to spend this winter and are you going to do a special activity this year?

I baked a lot of cookies this Christmas and I mailed some to my family and my neighbors. If it snows again, I would like to go sledding and sit by the fireplace.


What do you like best about what you have done this winter?

During winter break I have cooked a lot of things I usually would not have time to make.



What parts of this winter would you like to have changed and how would you like to change them?

If I could change something about this winter I would like there to be no virus and to be safe. I also would like to have more time with my family and a happier winter.


Do you know any troop activities to do during the winter holidays?

You can hike to see what plants and animals are like in the winter, you can build snowmen, or you can have a meeting to learn to cook things.